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Valencia Fall 2014


Is anyone else starting this August? I'm so excited for orientation next month!

Good Luck to you!! If you need any help/information there are several of us on here that are currently enrolled, or have graduated from Valencia.

Good Luck to you!! If you need any help/information there are several of us on here that are currently enrolled, or have graduated from Valencia.

Thank you so much I appreciate that! I have orientation on July 18th so I'm sure I will have a lot of questions then lol

Hi Victoria,

Yes, I am also starting in August. And just in case there is anyone out there who doesn't have insurance or has a high deductable plan like I do, you can get the MMR and hep B titer done at the health dept for like $80.

Awesome I'll see you in a couple of weeks for orientation! I'm so easer to get our syllabus and see what our schedule will be like!

I'm in the program now and love it. It is hard but very rewarding. I suggest learning how to manage your time early on and don't fall behind.

Do you currently work?

Yes I work 2 days a week and have a child.

allerina, I'm hoping you could help me since you're already in the program! I have just been offered a spot to start Fall 2014 at Valencia. My problem is since I was not expecting to start so soon, I booked a vacation on Dec 13th which I cannot back out from. I checked the class dates for Fall 2014 and classes for Nursing I ends on Dec 14th. My question is, will finals fall on Dec 13 (Saturday) and Dec 14 (Sunday) or will classes and finals end on a weekday (Dec 11/12th)? I'm really in a dilemma and this is the reason why I cant make up my mind whether to start this Fall or next year.

The final won't be on the weekend. Our finals have been durimg the week. I just can't guarantee a date obviously.

Ok, I am really nervous because I have a lot on my plate...a full-time job and son tat will be 2 in September. This is definitely going to require some discipline on my part!

I would see if you can cut back to part-time. The program is really time consuming. For the first semester the schedule is MW 9-12:30, T/Th 9-4 with a break from 12-1 for lunch. The only clinical 1st semester is 2 days at a LTC facility at the end of the semester. I studied after class and at night from like 6-10 and my fiance would put my little one to bed so I could get continuous studying in. It's definitely a sacrifice but totally will be worth it in the end.

Please tell me that you are in the traditional program and not the advanced standing track!! I am supposed to start the transition track in August.

Yes, traditional! I am so sorry if I scared you! Did not realize you were in the AVS track!

I just got bumped from summer '15 to fall '14 so see you guys this friday. Im glad i only waited 6 months or less including the application processing.


Has 1 years experience.

Hi! I know it hasn't been very long, but I wanted to know how your experience has been so far in the program? I just applied on 9/15 to start the AVS Jan 2015 and am just waiting to hear back now. Did it take you the full 6-8 weeks to hear back? I am so nervous!!!!! Also, do you get to pick where your clinicals are going to be? I remember someone telling me this awhile ago and I am wondering if that is true. Thanks for your help :)

I think the AVS program is different than the Generic program as far as clinicals go so I'm not sure. With my application it took many more weeks than the 6-8 that they said it would take.