Vacation's over!!!!

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Vacation time is over! Are we ready?

Just wanted to wish everyone the best of luck in their new semesters and tell ya'll to study hard!



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:) Yep tomorrow is the beginning for me.... I was looking at our syllabus and was like :eek: , what am I getting myself into :) OH WELL!!! Good Luck to you to Julie...:p and everyone else;)


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All right now........your gonna start scaring me,lol. I feel that way though whenever I get a syllabus in any class!!!!


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Start winterim on tuesday night for four weeks and then spring on the 22nd (they overlap for two weeks) I'm sooooo glad!! I've been so bored and eating myself right to death. Ended up drinking a protein shake a few times to shed some of the unwanted weight!! LOL!


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Good Luck Julie and everyone !

I don't return until January 14th so I envy you !

Keep us posted on the progress


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