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I applied for a LTC position within Decatur GA, area and was called back shortly after the closing of the job posting.

I had an interview which went very well, in my opinion.

I received information via email that I was eligible and qualified for the position I applied for. And I also received 10 preference points.

I have a status of referred on and have already interviewed.

It has been 5 weeks since I have interviewed and 3 weeks since I have received any notice of results emails.

Does anyone think I am still being considered? I have already tried contacting HR, and they do not answer. The hiring manager said that she could not give out any information except that, "HR should be calling us." .........Please give me some information and encouragement.

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Getting hired in the federal government is a long drawn out process. It is no where as fast as the private sector. Are you still in consideration I do not know but until you here otherwise I would say yes.


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There is a long thread called VA Hiring Process on page 2 of this section of. Allnurses. What has happened to you so far is very common and you need to be patient. The VA process is long in most cases. Read that thread to get a better sense of how the VA operates. Sorry but I just can't re type what is in there several times already.


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Thanks for your response. I thought I would have heard something by now. Meaning that, If I was not selected I would like to know.


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I interviewed for two positions about 2 weeks apart. I never heard anything about the one I did not get.

Mrs. Weddle,

I applied for a VA position in June, got called back for an interview in August and didn't get a job offer until October, which I refused because I had already accepted another position by then. Hope you don't have to wait much longer to find out!


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Wow, you never heard anything about the position you did not get? Well, thank God, I am already working anyways.......I do know that the VA takes a while, but after my interview they notified me of the preference and eligibility/and a grading number. I am hopeful and think that I am still in the running. Rlbrown, I hope i do not have to wait forever, but I will remain hopeful.


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i gave up on this position......moving on.


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Looks like it has been maybe 3 months since interview? They may still contact you. I would call or email the nurse recruiter and ask for a status update and if you are still being considered. It's ok to do that. The hiring manager is not supposed to let you know anything. They rank the candidates and give the info back to HR who takes over the rest of the process. I called the recruiter after about 10 weeks and got lucky. Recruiter was out for the week or something but I think the vmail message said calls should be referred to another guy. I called him and asked for an update. He told me I was the top candidate for one position and should be hearing from them. I think he felt sorry for me bc it takes so darn long at the VA!

Thanks for all the information. Does anyone have an experience with the VA in Kansas City, MO?


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Hi everyone, just thought I'd share my experience here.

After the application closed, the VA called me right away to schedule an interview. I had the interview on Jan 8. They called me on Jan 19 to offer me a part time position (on another unit. not the one I had applied and interviewed for. this position was on another unit that one of the women in the interview managed). I told them I needed a couple of days to consider because I was expecting a full time position and cannot afford to work any less. The woman in HR was very helpful and even gave me the phone number for the nursing manager. After talking to the nursing manager who reassured me that full time positions will always become available, I took the position 2 days later on Jan 21.

After I accepted, the woman in HR emailed me right away with documents to sign and return to her and for the instructions for e-Qip. Shortly after, I got the instructions for VetPro. I completed both within a matter of a couple of days. I had the physical and fingerprinting on February 5. It is now the 23rd and I still haven't gotten an official start date yet. I emailed the woman in HR on 2/13 to ask how my application was coming alone and she said they are still waiting for VetPro to be cleared. When it clears, she will call me to figure out a start date.

I know the process can take a while but each day that passes and I don't hear from them, I get more anxious.. since everything appears to be tentative.