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Me and my 3 friends from nursing school just booked a trip to Myrtle Beach for spring break!!! something to work towards to muddle through the semester of phsychiatric nursing, maternity nursing, cardiac enzymes, and care plans.

I love these girls i met in my class a year ago...we developed a very close bond almost immediately..i think it's because we are all very close in age and we are the only ones in the class that age (19-23 y/o)

did you guys get attached to people in your classes like this? the 4 of us have been practically inseperable since our first month of school. just wondering!:D :p

jschut, BSN, RN

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Yes, there's a group of about 4 of us too. We are all close, but one lady and I are closer than the others. I can honestly say she is my friend. We push each other to do better and console each other when we don't.

I think our friendship will outlast nursing school, and I am glad I found her!:)


PS Be careful in Myrtle Beach!:D


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I've developed a very close relationship with one of the girls in my class. We are within a year of each other in age (46&47). We plan on taking a trip to see Patch Adam's hospital over winterim (if we have the money) for a weekend.

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Patch Adams' hospital? WHERE?WHERE?WHERE? Gimme info, puhleeze. I'd love to visit... :>P


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This is the official website for the hospital. It's an amazing thing that it took 30 years for them to actually start building this hospital and it took a movie to do it!!!

They've recieved a $60,000 architect challenge grant. If they can match it they get to start building. In the meantime, they continue to give free medical services in the building they now have (without insurance I might add!)

Hope to see you there!!:D

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