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Can someone tell me if the status on my VA application status states " Eligible sent to selecting officials" is a good thing? I think it is but I wanted opinion/thoughts from seasoned:redbeathe LPN's and RN's VA nurses ( I am an LPN). I applied for jobs at the VA before but I never seen a status like this one. I am soo excited. I finally got all the necessary paperwork in :); I guess before I was always missing something grrr, and no one could tell me in the office what I was missing. I do currently have 13 yrs of service with the government but not as a nurse. Now that I am an LPN, I want to stay with the government and not loose all my benefits.

Please give me your thoughts and opinions on this please, I will very much appreciate it!!! :D

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Nurse Lil-lea, I would say that is a GREAT sign! I don't think most people get through the application process! I think this means that your application is now going to the people in the department that will interview you and hopefully select you!

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What is good for you is that you already work for the federal government.

Thank you w2cross2blue & jerkrn for your responses!! I really feel good about it now,that at least I may just have a chance!! It will be working 8 hours nights and rotational over the weekends. I have always been a day worker M-F, so this will be a big change for me. But I will learn to adjust :-)

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That is the thing starting out at the VA you end up on nights or evenings. The VA I worked at had no permanent day shifts in the inpatient areas. With that being said there was enough nurses who wanted to work the off shifts, 12% shift diff, made it so the nurses who worked days mainly worked days. The had to cover their secondary shift every so often depending on vacations, sick etc.

Do you still work for the VA jeckrn? I do not want to stay on nights forever!!

Thank you,

wow, this waiting process sure is long when you are really ready to go somewhere different and finally get into the career field of your liking. still waiting for an interview are something. va app status still says "eligible sent to selecting officials". guess i just need to be patient, that things will happen when they happen!! :icon_roll

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A follow-up phone call to the nurse recruiter might help. It is a long process getting hired. Hang in there!

Thank you w2cross2blue, I will call and ask for a status today from the nurse recruiter.

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I am on military leave from the VA. I was hired in 2005. How long you work nights will depend on the VA and the unit.

Thank you Jerkrn for the information. I will keep it in mine while I wait, and wait for the process to complete :rolleyes:

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I understand your pain. I myself am WAITING. I applied for a RN position on Oct. 7th the closing date. I recieved a call from the nurse manager for an interview Oct. 12th interviewed on Oct. 15th, and I have been waiting ever since. People I've spoken to warned me that the hiring process is really slow. I called the nurse manager Friday and inquired about my application she stated it had been submitted to the Chief Nursing Officer for approval. She adviced me to contact the nurse recruiter cause she will be the one to make the offer. All I can say is good luck, keep applying to other jobs when they come available, and keep calling to inquire...... everything will work out in your favor. Be Positive!!!:up::up::up::yeah::yeah::yeah:


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