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UW Seattle BSN Fall 2021


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12 minutes ago, aisha abdi said:

@playitasitlays I was thinking the same thing. How many words did you end up writing for the essay?


@aisha abdi I don't remember exactly but I think it was around 700... you? I didn't leave myself much time to review/edit. Honestly, I'm just glad it's over! I've been stressing about it. Now I just have to finish the general application...

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4 minutes ago, Ash86 said:

I got the same on the math answers, did anybody else not put in mL because my application said it only accepted numeric answers. My essay wasn’t very long. 

@Ash86 Mine also didn't allow units, just numbers. I was confused for 5 seconds when it kept disappearing ha.

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Ugh, I didn't do as great with the essay, I wrote about 300 words. I was confident about the math, I got the same answers, 24ml, 1.8ml, and 1400ml.


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I think it is important to remember that the essay is only a part of our application and not to feel discourgared! I feel like its hard to answer a question that most of us know little about but I am sure we all did our best!! We got this 🙂 

I’m glad to hear that they didn’t allow units for you all too. I was stressing about that!


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Now we wait😅

On 1/28/2021 at 2:06 AM, PlayItAsItLays said:

I'm with you all! I also felt like the third math question was weird. Did you all save you answers? 

The essay was eh, I think I rambled a lot... has anyone heard how many applicants there were? And I wonder why everyone was invited to the essay this time instead of like previous years where only half were invited. Maybe because it's easier to weed out that essay first, rather than going through the entire application for everyone. 

Yay, I got the same answers. 🙂

Dang, I got 1033.3 for the last one. Can someone explain how they got 1400? 


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the question asks how much fluid is administered during the first 6 hrs.  The question gives us the following information:

1L of normal saline in first 2 hrs, then 100mL per hours for 12 hours.

So you already know during first two hours you administered 1L (or 1000mL).  Now you need to know how much volume is administered for next 4 hrs which is:  100mL/hr x 4 hrs = 400 mL.

Now you add all the volumes: 1000mL + 400mL = 1400 mL



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Thanks for your explanation! I didn't realize it said "per hour," ugh that blows. I just did 100/3 and got 33. grr. I hope my other answers and the essay will help out I guess.


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You'll be fine!  It is a holistic review process so one missed math question should not affect your qualifications.


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Hey all, so for the general application, do you guys know if to whether send in transcripts again, if you sent them last year for last year's application (got rejected last year). Also, are you sending in ACT/SAT scores, I know it asks...but last I took my ACT it was in 2016-17..

Any help would be appreciated! 


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Saadiaa, I too applied last year and didn’t get in.  I was told by the admissions office that as long as your transcripts are less than a year old or close to it you shouldn’t have to send a new one unless you took additional courses.  They keep your prior records up to a year I believe.   They said they’ll contact me if they needed additional information.  I hope this helps.  


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Joining this thread, I also applied to UW BSN. I believe I got 2/3 math answers correct. 


Best of wishes to us all!

Hey guys, I have a question about the application for BSN fall 2021.

Do we need to do a separate application to the office of admission?

it seems like the deadline of application to the office of admission is the 15th. 


do ALL BSN applicants need to do that?



@jing0033 yes, I'm fairly certain all BSN applicants have to do the separate application to UW.  I think the only exception is for those who are already admitted into UW.

1 minute ago, PlayItAsItLays said:

@jing0033 yes, I'm fairly certain all BSN applicants have to do the separate application to UW.  I think the only exception is for those who are already admitted into UW.

Do you know where to find this application? I didn't know this was a thing, I just submitted the application that was due in January?

23 minutes ago, PlayItAsItLays said:

@jing0033 yes, I'm fairly certain all BSN applicants have to do the separate application to UW.  I think the only exception is for those who are already admitted into UW.

Thank you! and is that quite an easy application. Like as long as you apply you will probably get accepted? or there is a chance that you will get denied?

I have no idea on the likely hood of being admitted... I believe they said it's rare for someone to be accepted into the nursing program and not the university but it also sounds like that has happened. I believe it says something about that on the website, I can't remember where. That if you get admitted into the nursing program but not the university you cannot join the nursing program... I THINK. This is my interpretation of what I've read but I don't work for the university. 🙃

I wouldn't say the application is easy, there's another personal statement that's 750-1000 words. It's not really a prompt that you can recycle from the nursing application, I used some of the same material but mostly wrote an entirely new essay. You can find it on the office of admissions transfer page. You also have to submit official transcripts from all of your universities you've attended and they wanted high school transcripts as well. It's due February 15th! Good luck!