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  1. PlayItAsItLays

    PLU Pacific Lutheran University 2021 BSN

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to chime in because I applied to PLU as well, I think I submitted my application the day before the February 1st deadline. Anyhow, I received an acceptance email for the Spring cohort on April 6th. I've decided on a different program because I didn't want to wait until the Spring, but they said we had two weeks to accept the offer. I imagine if you haven't heard back yet you will soon! I remember in one of the info zoom sessions they said they would be informing people of decisions anywhere from April 1st through June 30th. Good luck everyone!
  2. PlayItAsItLays

    UW Seattle BSN Fall 2021

    Hi everyone, I just got an acceptance email from UW. I checked the portal but looks like it hasn't been updated yet. Good luck all! @TheOrenNurse There will be a school that would love to have you! I've gotten a couple rejections at this point and I feel like it's just trial and error.
  3. PlayItAsItLays

    UW Seattle BSN Fall 2021

    @Valerie Tran and @Mcgrace20 I received an acceptance email from PLU on Tuesday for Spring 2022. They said we have two weeks to respond. I imagine you’ll hear back soon!
  4. PlayItAsItLays

    Seattle University (Seattle U) BSN Fall 2021

    Congratulations everyone! I got in as well, so excited! Would love to connect! 🙂