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UTHSCSA Spring 2016


I'm considering going to nursing school through the Baptist Health System in San Antonio or UTHSCSA. Most people I get advice from tell me hands down to go for UTHSCSA. I would like to hear from more of you who are currently enrolled or have gone through the nursing school program at either one of these locations in San Antonio. What did you like about the teachers, faculty, the content you were learning, etc. What were your hours like at school and if you had kids, how did you manage your time.

I am still a pre-nursing student and have one more semester in Spring of 2014 to complete before I can apply. I am very excited and just want to know more information. Also, a close family friend is attending nursing school at Wayland Baptist and informed me that their nursing program is shutting down. Is there any truth to this?

While I'm not in the program at the moment, I am finishing up this semester and will be taking the TEAS soon and then applying for Fall of 2015. Mind that the deadline for applications is February 1 for that class, and that you will have to have all of your math and sciences completed and then 51 of the 60 total needed hours completed as well. If that last semester you're talking about includes any math and sciences, I'm not sure if they'd accept the application, based on what I previously mentioned. However, the deadline to begin in the Spring of 2016 is by August 1, I believe, so you'd be able to successfully apply for that class.

The school has information sessions that you can sign up to attend. I'd recommend it, as you'll have a chance to ask questions in person (though a lot of the information they provide is found on their site).

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Thank you for taking the time to respond.

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I attended UTHSCSA and would recommend going for your BSN. Both Baptist and UTHSCSA are 2 year programs, but getting your BSN now will save you money in the long run.

I enjoyed the instructors, was challenged, and had awesome clinical experiences.

I went full time during the day so my challenge with kids was getting them to school on clinical days which began at 0630. Thankfully I had family that helped out in that regard.

Good luck!!

*Correction: One more semester to go in Spring 2015.*

I am applying for Spring 2016 too! My only two options are UTHSCSA or Baptist. I'm leaning more towards UTHSCSA.

So am I. For a long time I wanted to attend Baptist but I'm hearing so much more positive things about UTHSCSA. Have you heard anything about them closing their nursing program?

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Baptist is not closing their program, if anything it is growing. I do know that wayland baptist is closing their program though. I did a tour of baptist and UTHSCSA, and both were really nice. But UTHSCSA gives a bachelors and baptist gives an associates and then has a bridge program from there for your bachelors, so it takes longer there than UTHSCSA.

Thank you for responding! And I'm excited too!

That makes sense. The girl I know is attending Wayland Baptist and she said they were closing. Do you happen to know where their nursing school is located?

I think wayland baptist is off of IH10 and Callaghan. Where are you doing your prereqs?