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UTHSC-Houston Fall 2012 Applicants

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Hey guys, my holds were just updated. They show "Start Term" and "End Term" ---> Begin Term.

And the "Start Date" ---> 08/15/2011, which is the first day of Fall semester. HOWEVER, why do they show 2011 instead of 2012. =))))))))) I swear to God. My heart is breaking apart rite now. And I will get a heart attack if I have to wait over the weekend!!!!!!! Is there anyone has the same error as mine???? :bugeyes:

Mine says the same thing. I'm staying cautiously optimistic, but knowing that it's not official until I have a letter in hand!

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i have no updates on my hold. nothing. im guessing this is not a good sign and im also guessing if anything was supposed to be done today it would have?

anyone else in the same boat as mee?

to all those who have update holds congratulationss yall deserve it!

Don't worry meghana09...my status online hasn't changed at all! No green circle of completion (still that evil yellow triangle) and no holds whatsover. Maybe they are just trying to finish up one set of applicants before starting on another set.

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haha the evil triangle..i feel you. i am so nervous. i just want to know. if you dont mind me asking what are your stats?

prereq: 3.617

science: 3.66

hesi: 89.50

critical thinking: 850

I don't have any holds on my account either. here are my stats. i'm hoping it will change tomorrow.

prereq: 3.945

science: 4.00

hesi: 88

critical thinking: 800

Meghana- I have no updated holds as well. I am wanting to believe what was told to whomever the brave soul who called was told...The system was being fixed today and everyone is going to have different holds. While it may be a good sign, I think that there are some people who will get in that don't have the holds!

Letters sent out Monday! So Wednesday we will know for sure! Why can't they just e-mail us? lol, NOW!

@meghana09 - you're definitely not alone. i still don't have any changes in my "to do" or "holds". I'd like to believe that they might be doing it in the same order the transcript evals went out... which in that case, i felt like I was at the end. or, maybe in the order that they received applications, which again, mine was later (right before xmas). i'm going to keep hoping that i have a chance! i think we all do :) good luck!!!

This is a really random, off topic question... Do we need a Biology elective? I know UTMB requires one and I know UTHSC wanted 5 hrs of elective but I was not sure if they had to be science.

I'm picking out my summer classes.

Both my science and pre-req GPAs were just under 3.7, I don't remember my cumulative grade for the Hesi, but my lowest section was 96 and I made 100 on one or 2 sections. My critical thinking was 830.

OMG! My holds changed. Last year when I applied my holds never changed. I have the CPR and the immunization holds. I also just received my Eval in the mail just a few days ago. What does this mean???????? I am nervous!


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