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UTHSC-Houston Fall 2012 Applicants

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I just clicked on the links and they were both for CPR certification. I don't know why they would put it twice. Maybe it's just them getting used to the new system. (I am so excited right now that I can't type! My hands are shaking so much!) I'm trying not to get excited but it's too late!


Thanks! My Nursing Admissions hold is also for CPR. Uggghhh, I am going to be checking this non-stop today!!!


Does anyone know how long it took for past applicants to find out if they got in after their holds changed?

it seems like some past applicants first got their letter and then their hold changed, but it changes every year!!!

I didn't bother to check my holds last time I logged in but now I have Immunizations and Health for hold and a Nursing Admission hold....??? Wonder what this means!?!? I am not getting overly excited yet since it is a new system but we are getting close! Anyone else see these holds?

Mine doesn't show any new holds or to-dos and my name ends with an "H". I applied for the Fall 2012 generic program.

I don't know if they are going by alphabetical order because my last name starts with an F. This is all so frustrating and confusing!

Hey stacymonique, Is it your last name or first name? Coz I heard that they will follow alphabet of students' last names. However, dont worry to much rite now. We r just guessing. There is nothing that can be sure at this point.

There are lots of possibilities for how they may be processing applicants. They may be updating pacesetters first (or last), they may have multiple people updating the system, each with a list of applicants so it doesn't seem to go in order, who knows.

I think that nursing schools like for their applicants to feel like the whole process is a mystery. They like keeping us on our toes, biting our nails, and pulling out our hair. And I think that we add to the stress by trying to figure out their system. It won't keep me from trying, though!


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