Working in SLC healthcare as a non-LDS??

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    I have been looking at Salt Lake as a place to relocate. Every time I mention this, I get a look of despair and pity. "You'll never make it out there! It's all Mormons!" I lived in Idaho Falls as a teenager, and heard stories from my dad's workplace of unqualified people getting promotions because they were LDS, or of qualified workers not recieving them because they weren't. I am not LDS, and am not interested in becoming one. I would like some feedback as to the working situation in SLC. Are the managers fair? What is the atmosphere like on the unit? As an RN, I am not looking for management, but I don't want a horrible schedule, or for my raises to disappear. Also, I saw a post here about a certain hospital in the area with a reputation for rough nurses. Is this related to religion and as seen from outsiders? Are these fears reasonable? I would appreciate all feedback, LDS and non-LDS. Thanks!
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  3. by   VivaLasViejas
    I remember my mother's stories about moving to Utah in the mid-1940s with her first husband and trying to get a job there. She couldn't even find work as a waitress, because she wasn't LDS and didn't want to be. I would imagine people are a bit more tolerant least, I hope so, because Utah is a beautiful place, and surely it's illegal there, as in the rest of the U.S., to discriminate against job hunters on the basis of religion. :uhoh21:
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  5. by   Euskadi1946
    I was born and raised in Salt Lake City and was raised in a devout Catholic family and many of the prejudices mentioned hardly exist now. Salt Lake City is a lovely city and aside from liquor not being served in bars or restaurants (BYOB) it can be a fun city. We have the opera, ballet, museums not to mention some of the best ski resorts in the world and we hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics. We also have a world renowned medical school at the University of Utah, the Hunstman Cancer Center, and Primary Children's Medical Center which is considered one of the best children's medical centers in the world. I've lived around LDS people most of my life and have never had any problems with them in the work place or in the neighborhood. Most of them are very good people and when you're having a crisis like illness or a death in the family, they will come to see you and bring food. At work they will take a collection and ask for volunteers to sit with your kids or pets during the crisis. What I love the most about them is their emphasis on the family and family values which is something the rest of the country is sorely lacking these days!!! If you're thinking of re-locating here, yes there are plenty of nursing jobs and Intermountain Health Care will be opening a their huge medical center in 2007.
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  7. by   Vida
    I just moved to Orem a few months ago and am finding alot of difference between SLC and anywhere in Utah county. I am a non-lds and come from a very free-thinking city in can feel a difference, and I find it hard to relate to new people here. I am at home with a baby, and everywhere I go to meet other moms they are all mormon, have 5 kids (which is weird to me, at 24yo) I feel excluded, and like I am about to offend them at any time. SLC is different though.
    Dont get me wrong, everyone seems very nice, like VERY nice, and there is alot to do. If it matters, Utah seems to be a great place to raise a family. If we werent so far from home maybe we;d stick around....but I miss Toronto!
  8. by   Rohan8
    SLC is probably the most "mixed" religiously speaking of any Utah city. Remember a lot of people moved out there because they were LDS and faced extreem predjuice in other areas of the country. This might lead to them being a little slow to warm up to you. As far as SLC goes though, it is like any other major metropolitan area . . .except a lot cleaner.
  9. by   lefty19
    I have never seen anyone be promoted or get a job because of their religious beliefs in Utah. There is a great mix of many cultures, especially in SLC.
  10. by   nursemelyn
    When I worked at Huntsman Cancer Center, the majority of my co-workers weren't LDS. I am, but I think that the manager was very fair and that the University Hospital was a great organization to work for.
  11. by   pinkbo0tlace
    About the BYOB thing.... I ordered a beer at Red Robin the other night from there bar, and Texas Roadhouse has a full bar up and running. the BYOB thing either is false info or the state just changed laws ( I moved 30 min south of SLC in 2011). The only thing weird about alcohol here is all the liquor stores are state owned. Otherwise, it's like every other place in that aspect.
  12. by   pinkbo0tlace
    Oh, I am also non-LDS. You do hear LDS say things on the phone like "Honey, are you going to young womens?" or two teenaged co-workers talking 'Are you LDS?! You are! Omigosh! Go to BYU in Hawaii!".. lol. Other than that though, LDS are just normal, every day people. It can be an adjustment... and after a year I am only now starting to feel someone adjusted into the culture. LDS faith has very much became apart of the culture here, but it either bothers you, or you learn to ignore it. Closer into SLC - it seems it becomes much more Catholic/Non-Denominational. The LDS culture is having to adjust too, as more new people from far off lands of other states migrate into Utah. So, Utah isn't 100% LDS, but it definitely still is here and will never be gone. For the most part, the people are sucky/aggressive drivers but nice face-to-face. lol. The mountains are gorgeous too. Come here!