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  1. Rohan8

    Working for IHS as a Grad Nurse

    AZ has a lot of openings. Something to keep in mind when applying is that not all IHS hospitals are on USA jobs.gov. A lot of them are being taken over by the Tribe or "Corporation". Ganado AZ and Ft Defiance AZ both need nurses, and even though they have federal funding they are not technically "Federal" hospitals. This means that you will have to contact them directly.
  2. Rohan8

    Working for IHS as a Grad Nurse

    They do. Ridersofrohan8 is my gmail. I can't send private messages. e-mail me.
  3. Rohan8

    Working for IHS as a Grad Nurse

    You can also get in in the rural areas of the Midwest. Basically talk to your friends and family. Ask them where the last place that they want to live is. Then see if they have a hospital there.
  4. Rohan8

    Working for IHS as a Grad Nurse

    IHS will hire new grads. Getting into a federal facility that is located in a metropolitan area can be tough. If you are willing to move out to the more rural areas of the Rez then you shouldn't have any trouble getting a job.
  5. Rohan8

    University of Phoenix RN-BSN program-cost?

    I have been looking into UOP. Is there anyone who has actually completed the RN-BSN program through this college?
  6. Rohan8

    Gateway Community College Nursing Students

    There are so many different nursing programs at GWCC that it is almost impossible to comment to weather or not you could hold down a job while working here. If you have an LPN registry is a good way to go while you are in school. I graduated from GWCC and I know that there were people who held full time jobs, had kids and successfully completed fast track programs. This did put a lot of stress on their personal relationships. I worked part time while attending GWCC. Here is a tip for you. If you have Beth Walker make sure you do the reading. Almost all of the test questions come from the reading.
  7. Rohan8

    Indian Reservation Nursing

    How receptive is the staff towards male nurses?
  8. Rohan8

    Brookdale Senior Living

    Any company that requires you to sign a "no sue" contract is in my opinion very dishonest. The turn over in EDs and Nurses at Brookdale is horrendous. If all you need is 6 months of experience to get another job, and you don't have any other options then go for it. If you can get a position somewhere else then do it.
  9. Rohan8

    Nursing at Fort Defiance Indian Hospital

    Can you tell me a little bit more about the ER there? What made it a hostile working environment? What was the pay like? How were you received in the town being that you are not Navajo (If you aren't Navajo). Has this gotten any better? Is the housing nice? Thanks a gozillion