New grad wages in Utah

  1. I know there are already topics on this but the old thread is old so I thought I would throw this out there so there is an updated thread.

    Anywho, I was just speaking to a new grad nurse who recently got a job within an IHC hospital. They only started her out as a new grad at $19.00!!! So, I want to know if anyone can confirm that this is what IHC is starting new grads at. Previous threads are showing $21-$22 per hour for IHC so I was shocked and appalled to find out that she only started at $19.

    If anyone can let me know if they know for sure what they are starting new grads out at here in Utah please let me know. If this is the case I am moving out of state. That is horrible pay. I know there may be people that will tell me to be grateful for it but with all we have to go through just to finish school I think we deserve a lot better. Especially when we have a ton of student loans to pay for when there done.

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  3. by   jeaneous
    I think that's their intern program wage. That lasts like 6 weeks or so. Then it's around $21/h Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  4. by   ShineyNickelRN
    Thanks, that is what I was thinking. It still is horribly low but it is a lot more than I am making now as a CNA through IHC.
  5. by   ICUman
    I agree with the previous poster, IHC will start a new RN graduate at just shy of $22 an hour.
    The other hospitals in town are more around $23-24 I believe.
    If you're a current CNA I bet you have a good shot at getting hired onto your floor. Which hospital are you at if you're willing to share?
  6. by   ShineyNickelRN
    Thanks for the info ICUman. And I work at IMC, I love it there so hopefully I will get a job once I am an RN.
  7. by   DisneyNurseGal
    The numbers above are about the going rate for a new grad. Is there more money to be made out there in the world of nursing... absolutely; however IHC has some of the lowest nurse to patient ratios and amazing insurance to boot. A career is not just about the dollars per hour, but the benefits package as well.
  8. by   RN0323
    I currently work for a Mountain Star facility (I love it)... new grads start out at $21-22/hr. Nurse patient ratios on postpartum 1:4-6 depending on acuity; medsurg 1:5 (depending on acuity). I have friends who used to work for UVRMC and on the postpartum unit nurse patient ratios were ALWAYS no matter acuity (magesium patients/fresh section patients) 1:6-8. IHC does not have better nurse patient ratios, especially at the valley, that place is a factory (of course i'm referring to the postpartum unit as that is my specialty).
  9. by   ShineyNickelRN
    Well, I definitely got my question answered. I graduated on Dec 12th but already got offered a job at IMC before I even graduated. So, yes until you are licensed they start you out at $19.92 an hour, then once you pass nclex it bumps up to $21.92. After being a CNA and making CNA wages the past couple years I am very grateful for the increase. Oh, and about the IHC patient ratio's they are about the same as the person who works for Mountain Star. I have first hand knowledge of that since I work there. But it really is a great place to work. I love it and feel very lucky to already have a RN position at such an amazing hospital.
  10. by   moogleson
    ShineyNickel76, is $22 what wages are still looking like for you now?
  11. by   tabithug531
    Quote from moogleson
    ShineyNickel76, is $22 what wages are still looking like for you now?
    Yes. As of right now, without a license, IMC starts RNs at $20.47. As soon as you get a license, beginning pay is $22.51
  12. by   ShineyNickelRN
    Sorry, I never replied. But $22.51 is what the entry rate is now for Intermountain. I have friends who work for University of Utah and I was told they start their new grads at $22.75. However in comparing info with my friends that work for the U of U their insurance cost's a little more than with IHC and IHC's increases are a little better from what I have experienced. Hope this information helps. Also if you want to compare work atmosphere. I know I love working for Intermountain but my friends also love the U of U. So I think they are both great places to work.