How competitive is the acceptance to the U of U nursing program?

  1. I am contemplating going to the U of U for the nursing program but was wondering if anybody knows how hard it is to get in? I don't exactly want to waste my time there just in case I don't get in because then you have to wait a whole year to apply again vs. going to SLCC you have to get on the waiting list but they start every semester. Any info regarding this is appreciated.
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  3. by   Tweety
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    Your post will be better served in the Utah nurses forum and I will move it there for you. This way you can hone in on some of the locals that might be able to answer your question.

    Good luck to you in all that you do.
  4. by   MagsMom
    I am not familiar with other programs on a university level - but it is my opinion that the U is competitive. I am just finishing my pre-reqs for the U program and will be applying soon. I have a few friends who have applied to the U program but did all of their pre-reqs at SLCC. I have met many good friends since I started my pre-reqs and several of them are now applying elsewhere - in every case they have said that they don't feel that the U Nursing faculty is very supporting and the advising is inconsistent. I plan on going here but am very stressed about my chances of getting in -my grades are decent but not great. I hope that helps - please let me know if I can answer any other questions.
  5. by   jeaneous
    Why not apply to both, then you can go to the first one to accept you.
  6. by   impatientstudent
    Well the reason I can't really just apply to both is because one is an Associate program and the other Baccalaureate. For the U you must have 45 credit hours plus the pre-reqs done prior to being admitted vs. SLCC you only have to have the pre-reqs.

    Thanks for the info MagsMom.
  7. by   roxycharmichal
    The University of Utah and SLCC now have a unified program, meaning that if you work for the U, you can go through the SLCC program. It is a different program than the traditional SLCC program, it is organized by SLCC but you work for the U. The load is lighter because they make you work 20 hours a week and you owe them I think 2-3 years when you are done, but there is no waiting list and SLCC has a great nursing program!
  8. by   cjscountry
    Does anyone know how competitive the RN-BSN option is at the U. I am putting all of my eggs in their basket so to speak, so I hope I get in!