1. I'm new so I apologize in advance, if this is in the wrong place or repetitive... I am looking for some info on Ameritech in Draper.
    Can anyone give me some UPDATED feedback & tell me what I need to start. I see some places require a Cna, does ameritech? And anyone know their night classes schedules. Tia!
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    Would you recommend them? I don't want to be in school forever, ya know?
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    :/ okay, thank you!
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    looks like some comments are missing here... what draws you to nursing school? I can maybe suggest something that would work?
  6. by   SpeedwalkerRN
    Sorry I'm late to responding to your post.
    The most recent stats show Ameritech College outperforming BYU and U of U nursing programs in regards to NCLEX pass rates, the biggest factor in determining a nursing schools success. Ameritech has crafted an amazing program. Their small class size enables a trusting and productive environment. I graduated from in 2013, and left fully the program mentally and emotionally fully prepared. It was easily worth every penny. One recommendation I would make is to do your GE's and prerequisites (pathophysiology, anatomy etc.) at SLCC. The longer semester classes offered there give you a knowledge based foundation to build on with each nursing based class.
  7. by   icecreamdreams
    Hpeters, what did you end up deciding? I'm also looking into Ameritech but am finding very little info!
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    I just enrolled at Ameritech to start January as a 2nd semester start student. How is the financial department? Are they good about accepting payments? They seem pretty strict! I have a 20k balance and I have no idea who or where to ask money from. I don't have to take any generals as previous generals from Weber transferred in. The cost of the program for me is about 37k.
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    StudentRN- Congratulations on getting accepted! I hope you can make some kind of arraingements. They recommended a private loan company to me. Could you make monthly payments?

    How was the TEAS 6? I was told there was an "informal interview" to explain the program and 'see if you're and good fit.' Did you do that? Was it simply a meet and greet or more like an actual interview?
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    So I went in to apply. I got a walk through of the campus. Filled out a application. Met with a admissions rep. And she explained the whole program. I then had my transcripts sent in. I don't have to do any general ed. So I will be a 2nd semester start student. But they said it depends on how fast I complete my application. I still have to test out of that math class. And the teas wasn't bad. Math is my strongest point but for some reason I got a low score in English. But I still passed. I have already paid for my background check and drug test. I believe the application deadline is dec 9th. So all I have left is the drug test to do and sign documents with financial aid and test out of the math class. So it depends how many spots are left in second semester. So I won't know until next month if I have been selected for a spot in January. If there aren't any spots I have to wait for May start date. But the first and second semester I can pay for my self it's not bad I have a $2900 balance for 2nd semester and then a $1200 balance for third semester. Fourth and fifth semester I have a $7400 and $9100 like that's too much. I applied to DWS for help so will see. But it was like an actually interview
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    Hey it won't let me respond to you in direct message! Email me at my work address.
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    How would I find your email?

    What is DWS? What kind of questions were asked at the interview? What should a person wear?

    How long did it take them to determine you were accepted?

    Also if finances are a concern WGU does have a Utah BS pre-lisencure. It takes longer than Ameritech's degree but there are a few pros and a few cons.