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I am interested in obtaining my MSN/MBA within the next 5 years. I am wanting feedback from those who have completed and/or are currently enrolled in the UT Tyler MSN/MBA program. Anything you can tell me from the standpoint of someone doing the program is greatly appreciated. Pros and Cons, was is worth the investment? How user friendly is the program, what platform do they use (EPIC or Blackboard etc...) How were the professors? Is it doable while working full-time? Hidden or unexpected expenses that have arisen? Any info you can give from a first hand perspective is greatly appreciated.



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I'm in UTTyler's MBA program. Completed my MSN from . So far, the classes are great. I found through my MSN program that I liked the numbers and practical application of management rather than theory/research. Economics was a beast, though! However there is only 1correct answer rather than the philosophical meaning of the answer. I guess I'm trying to say....I like the black/white answers. We use Blackboard and the profs have been awesome so far! Much better than MSN profs. I also like having classes with non-nurses, different perspective. No hidden fees so far and I am 4 classes into my MBA program. I did some of the course work with my MSN so it is nice to have a clue what the assignment is about. I say go for it if you want to go into management!

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