UT Arlington RN-BSN Online Program...Newbies?



I just recently received my acceptance letter for the online RN-BSN program at UT Arlington. I have registered, and will start classes on October 21, 2013. Just wondering if anyone else will be starting soon. Thanks!


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I'm starting in January if they accept me, I just applied for admission


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How did it take you to register for classes? This seems like it's taking forever...I applied 8/13 they have receieved my transcprits on 9/11 and I'm still waiting...I am accepted to the school, just not offically to the Nursing program.


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Hi Carylene, and fpbxny,

Do you have many general courses to take, or do you only need the nursing courses? Just have patience with the enrollment process. I applied to the university about one week before you did (fpbxny). I just received my acceptance letter to the RN-BSN program on September 25th. So you should hear something soon. Be sure to check your MAV email, (thru the university email system) this is how they will notify you. If you have not set up your email, be sure to do so. You can also call the nursing dept to check the status of your application. Log in to the "student center" to be sure you don't have any "holds" on your account. I am really excited to get started. My first classes will start on October 21 or 23. :D


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Fpbxny, did you ever hear anything from UT Arlington?


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Hi Lorren2002,

what classes are you taken. I am starting on Nov 4th with Tech writing and Professional nursing A and B


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Hey all! I am starting Nov 4 in Nurs 3645 RN-BSN. So ready to get started!


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Wow Lorren2002. That was a pretty good turn around time for you. I applied to the college Sept 19th. Today is Dec 13th and I'm still awaiting! I've been told I'm accepted to the college but then I contacted my advisor for the CON and she informed me they are still reviewing my transcripts. They have had 2 out of 3 of my transcripts since early October and the last one since the end of October to early Nov. I'm so aggravated with the school at this point I've started exploring other schools. :madface::arghh: Good luck everyone!


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Hi, I just read this on Facebook and thought it might be helpful: "In a continuing effort to respond to a high volume of inquiries...If you are seeking information from an undergraduate advisor, you can now schedule a phone appointment by calling 817-272-2776 and choosing option 4."


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I'm registered to start with technical writing in January. I can't get my degree plan yet because my advisor says I'm only provisionally accepted. So I have to figure out what to do about that. How is everyone else liking it?


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Hi abrights3d,

I will also take technical writing starting January 14th. I will also take POLS 2311 and Professional Nursing A&B this semester. I have just completed my first two courses, English 1302 (composition II) and POLS 2312 Texas Government. So far, it’s o.k. A lot of work, but doable I guess. I am happy to have a month off to regroup. Hopefully they will have everything straightened out for you prior to the start date.


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Hi svdbyGrace,

Hopefully you will hear something soon. I called the university several times throughout the process. I also found the list of nursing advisor’s and emailed my “would be” advisor. You will be accepted to the University before you receive notice about the nursing program. Be sure you check frequently with the admissions office to check on your admissions status. I had been accepted, and didn’t even know. I didn’t receive an email about my acceptance to the university until I received my acceptance to the nursing program. The only way I found out, was just to keep checking. Once you are accepted to the university, go ahead and set up your student email account. This is how you will be notified of your acceptance to the program. My turnaround time seemed to take forever to me. I think they have more applications to approve this time of year. Best Wishes!