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USM ABSN Summer 2013!


Hi all,

Just curious if there's a presence on this board for newly accepted USM ABSN students or people applying to the program? I got my acceptance letter last week and want to chat with people about what we're in for! I'd love to get a discussion going, as I don't actually know much about the program (yet) but will be sending my deposit in today. Hope to meet some of you soon!

I applied but I haven't heard anything yet. :( I hope that doesn't mean anything. I'm already in school at USM and enrolled in the regular nursing program, so it wouldn't be the end of the world, but still. Congratulations on getting in!

Hi there!

Accepted and deposit sent :) And congrats! Send me a message and maybe we can chat more, and see if anyone else pops up on this!

MissChloe, I wouldn't stress too much about the timing of the acceptance letters. I've read on previous threads that many people didn't hear back until late December or early January. I bet already being a nursing student at USM stacks the odds in your favor! Good luck and hope to hear from you soon.

Hey, Tank16! I tried to send you a message but because I'm not an "active member" of the site (in that I haven't posted more than 15 topics) it won't let me. Argh!

Hi everyone!

I just found out I got accepted via Maine Street portal. I've been hoping/waiting to see that check mark for months now! The last couple weeks have been pretty nerve racking, especially since I saw online that a few of you heard weeks ago. I'm going to wait to send my deposit until I receive a real letter. I look forward to meeting some of you...in less than six months (mini freak out)!

Congrats, pvd2me! I look forward to meeting you! Well, now that we have 3 reported acceptances perhaps I can try to get a discussion going... I am currently living in New Hampshire and have visited Portland only a few times but from the brief visits I've definitely become impressed with the area and am very excited to move there. After all, Forbes magazine has ranked it as #1 for America's most livable cities! I have not visited USM yet so I don't know anything about the nursing school facilities. Has anyone else seen them and what are your thoughts? What are you guys most nervous about going into this? I am slightly nervous about not having taken Microbiology and hoping that it won't set me back once we begin the coursework. I have completed all of the prereq's and have 2 semesters of Bio and Chemistry each so I hope that this may somehow compensate for not having taken Microbiology.

Hi all!

I have also been accepted for May 2013!!! If anyone is up for chatting please let me know!

Definitely excited and nervous!

I had a huge mix-up with my mail hold while I was away last week so I called an adviser to ask if I'd missed a letter. She said they were still making final decisions as of today (1/3) and that the final letters would go out either tomorrow (1/4) or next week (1/7). Just in case anyone else still hasn't heard anything and was panicking like I was!

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I just received notice that I'm on the waiting list for this program and won't know until possibly end of April! Does anybody know how likely admission is for someone waitlisted to the accelerated program? I'd like to know if I should be hopeful or not.

I was accepted and sent my deposit, too! I'm still trying to learn more about the program, and still hearing back from other schools I applied to. I live in "the other Portland" (in Oregon), so Maine is a huuuuuuge change!

Hey guys, just wondering if any of you have started looking into housing options yet? May feels like it's just around the corner and I haven't done much to figure out my living situation yet (let alone visit the school...whoops!) I'm taking a trip up to Portland next week to look around and try to get acquainted a bit with the facilities but was wondering if anyone has any tips for housing? Ideally I would like to find a single apartment somewhere, or room with a fellow nursing student-- not that I know such a person... anyone interested? :)

Hello everyone! I am actually accepted into the MSN-Option program starting this May. But, it is my understanding that most of the option program courses are with the ABSN students for the first couple of semesters. So, I thought I would say hi :). Svensson, I am nervous about housing also. I cannot leave Hawaii until May 10 because of contract obligations so I will arrive in portland and hit the ground running. The housing situation is my biggest concern actually. :-/ Please keep me posted on any info you get. I don't know a soul in Maine for obvious reasons so I am in the dark as to areas, decent complexes, etc.

I withdrew my application yesterday, so hopefully that means someone on the wait list will get good news soon! Best of luck to all of you!