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used current edition nursing textbooks for the lvn to rn bridge excelsior

Does anyone know where i can get the cheapest used current edition textbooks and study guides for the lvn to rn bridge program offered by Excelsior college. I am speaking of the books needed for the 7-9 nursing test not the prereq books. for example one is Fundamentals of nursing: the art and science of nursing care by carol taylor the 6th edition. i have found it for $35 but it have to buy so many books that the cost starts to add up. HELP :typing


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Hmmmm, have you tried Ebay? I personally used Ebay to buy my fundamental required books. Also, there are cd's put out by "lisa arends" that sell on Ebay for like $10 per cd. Lot's of ppl swear that these cd's cover everything needed, and only use them. I have a friend who uses only those cd's. Me personally, i've looked at them, but use them to inhance knowledge only. There's also "studygroup 101" on ebay. Try going to ebay and typing in escelsior nursing in the search tab.

Look on ebay. If you are a member of any of the Yahoo groups for Excelsior, you could post a query on their forums looking for them. I'm not sure but you might be able to look for them on the EPN network at the Excelsior website.



I recently bought a nrsg text from a seller on amazon for 96 cents. Amazon was selling for 34 dollars used and 69 dollars new.

It was in good, not great shape .. but was fine for the semester.

Hope this helps.


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I have been using books for the nursing program one edition older, and have not seen any difference in the content, and u can get them pretty cheap on ebay, half.com, and amazon.

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