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Hi all,

I am new to this forum. My husband just got a pretty promotion at work however his company will be transferring him to England (not sure where exactly) for 3 years. I wanted to take this opportunity to go back to school and study nursing. I currently work full-time, with a 16 mo old at home and do not have the financial opportunity to quit my job. I have not taken any pre-requisites classes but I do have my BA in Sociology (2004). Are there any community colleges/colleges in the UK that offer pre-req classes such as A&P I/II, Microbiology etc? I'm aware that the non-resident prices will be huge. I would need to inquire if they are transferable, I just want to get into an accelerated program in the US once we come back.

Just need to know where to start looking....

Appreciate your help.



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We don't have pre-requ courses as such in the UK, it would be extremely unlikely you'd find a course that would be transferable to the UK sorry

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There are "American University" locations that you may be able to attend, but they would probably cost quite a bit. The equivalent of an american private university, or, likely a few thousand $ per class. Not a great alternative, I admit. Plus, you would have to make formal application, as it is not a community college where you can just sign up. It is (somewhat) selective.

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Hi J,

I was in a similar situation a few years ago. I would recommend taking as many courses as possible online through American universities as that way there will be no issues with transferring the credits. For example, I took statistics as a pre-req through UC Berkley online extension while I was living in Oxford. There are a lot of schools that now offer online courses and they will be cheaper than taking courses in the UK as a foreign student. For those classes that require a lab component you should probably wait to see where your husband is getting transferred to and then directly ring universities in that area to see about taking classes as a non-matriculated student. Whether they allow you into to a given course may depend on student demand for the course as well as the permission of the 'tutor' for the class.

Another thing you may consider if you don't already have work plans in the UK is getting a job in the NHS as a nursing assistant. I worked as a nursing assistant for 3 years on a med-surg ward and I can't tell you what a breeze nursing school is now as a result! I learned and experienced so much. I highly recommend it.

Hope this helps and good luck!

Hi ExpatHopeful,

How does one go about getting a job in the NHS as a nursing assistant? What are the requirements?

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Hi ExpatHopeful,

How does one go about getting a job in the NHS as a nursing assistant? What are the requirements?

Usually apply to the hospital you want to work in, see if any jobs are advertised in the hospitals you want to work in, usually will list requirements there.

NHS jobs

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Like Silverdragon said, apply directly to the hospital in your area through their website.

At least in the area I was in there were basically no requirements other than a high school level education. It's not like in the US where many states require you to do a CNA course before they'll hire you. Basic training will be provided to you on the job during an initial orientation and then there are various competencies you can choose to do later such as phlebotomy, stoma care, nutrition etc.

The pay isn't great, the work is hard, and the prestige non-existent, but it's a fantastic learning opportunity if you really want to do nursing or to figure out if nursing is right for you. It's also a great way to meet people, make friends and learn about regular life in the UK.

If you're really considering it and want interview tips or have other questions feel free to contact me!

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