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  1. Hi all, I am new to this forum. My husband just got a pretty promotion at work however his company will be transferring him to England (not sure where exactly) for 3 years. I wanted to take this opportunity to go back to school and study nursing. I currently work full-time, with a 16 mo old at home and do not have the financial opportunity to quit my job. I have not taken any pre-requisites classes but I do have my BA in Sociology (2004). Are there any community colleges/colleges in the UK that offer pre-req classes such as A&P I/II, Microbiology etc? I'm aware that the non-resident prices will be huge. I would need to inquire if they are transferable, I just want to get into an accelerated program in the US once we come back. Just need to know where to start looking.... Appreciate your help. Thanks, J