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US Citizen Going to School in the UK.

Hello! I am a freshman in highschool in the US. I am hoping to get my nursing degree in the UK. My question is, will my degree transfer back to the US if I want to come back to work here?

Thank you! I'm just having trouble finding the answer to this.

roser13, ASN, RN

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Nursing license or degree?

Regardless, no. Your nursing training in the UK will be of a specialized nature that does not take into account the "generalist" nature of the American nursing program. You will be required to take classes/clinicals to augment your UK education. Those classes are said to be hard to find, at least for now.


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And which nursing school do you plan on attending?

UK nursing education is subsidized by the taxpayer as is Canadian and to some extent US public colleges. Even if there is a place for you, the tuition will be at least double that of a resident of the country.

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Agree with both of these. The general wisdom is to get your nursing degree in the country you intend to practice in. It was hard enough for me going US to UK, and that was general->specialist. You can't go the other way without a lot of extra education.

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As mentioned currently UK is subsidized by the government and not many universities take International nursing students, that may change but as an International student expect the costs to be high and as cost of living is high in the UK you have a lot more costs to equate. Also UK training doesn't meet US requirements so you will have difficulty meeting them requirements


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