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Hello everyone! I am a current LPN student almost done with my LPN program. I have some concerns. After I pass my NCLEX-PN and get some nursing experience in the US for about a year(while working on my Canadian citizenship), I want to move to Ontario, Canada. The thing is, I am very anxious about the process I need to take to become a RPN there. I would love some advice and guidance with the process of becoming an RPN from LPN (moving from the US to Canada). Thank you so much!

We don't "do" immigration advice in this forum.

My question is how are you working on your Canadian Citizenship if you live in the US? There is a residency requirement before you can even apply for it.

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In order to become a Canadian Resident you must have Permanent Residency first.I think you have to live here for 3 years to get citizenship.The main stumbling block will be that LPN will not qualify you for a work visa.

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Currently the list is closed and no telling if RN and LPN will be on it. January will be when the new list is released. You could get PR or work permit for Canada however finding employer willing to go this route may be an issue as a lot will depend on the job situation

For those that don't know LPN was on the list for Federal Skilled and took a few months before the cap was reached.

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I moved to Alberta from Florida as an LPN. I'm a Canadian citizen.

Something for you to consider is that LPNs here in Canada are educated like 2 yr RNs in the States.

When I returned to Canada last year I had an associates degree from a Florida college as well as a Florida LPN license and work experience.

If your read the Canada forums you'll see that RPNs and RNs in Ontario are having difficulties finding work. Perhaps by the time you finish your education and get PR the job situation may be different.

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