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remember my CLOL that coded? my first?

autopsy reports show bilateral pulmonary embolism. :o

short of this being a fluke, what other signs could she have presented with that maybe i missed?

her only history is controlled hypertension and IDDM.

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In my experience, usual initial PE symptoms include: SOB, dyspnea, low SaO2, chest pain, possibly bloody sputum.


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The same symptoms from my experience. I just read a good article on PE's from Medscape you can find it here:

Pulmonary Embolism - New Paradigms in Diagnosis and Therapy

Andrew E. Ajani, MBBS, FRACP Disclosures


The challenge of thromboembolic disease is exemplified by pulmonary embolism (PE), a potentially devastating condition that requires prompt recognition and treatment. While individual susceptibility to clot formation remains poorly characterized, significant advances have been made in understanding epidemiology and genetic risk factors.



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Also, a panicky feeling, and possibly a cough. I prominse you, though, even if a Dr. had been standing by her side when this happened, nothing could have been done to save her.

Prevention of the potential causes of the emboli would be the only way. Sometimes surgical implantation of an "umbrella" in the infereior vena cava is the only way of keeping emboli from the lungs.

I repeat what I said to you about this other day-do not beat yourself up over it. Sometimes things happen that nobody can stop. I don't mean to sound harsh, honest. It is just one of those facts of dealing with people, medically.

There's also what is called the patient having a sense of impending doom. I've seen it once. Knew it immediately. Was in ICU. Docs called, heard and responded. Not a d--- thing you can do but watch it happen. I also got a sense of impending doom.

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I have had this happen to my clients a couple times and in addition they were very restless and their skin once became mottled ......


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