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Update. Failed on first attempt.


Just got my quick results and I did not pass. I had a feeling because I did not get a good pop up...credit card decline etc. So here I go again. I already calculated 45days and I am diving right back in. Congrats to all those who passed and to those who haven't don't give up. Lets do this!!

Thank you for posting your update. It is really important for people who failed (and got to the bad pop up) to do this, because I believe it adds validity to the "trick". You are doing a lot of people favors by doing this, so THANK YOU!!

You're absolutely right that you should not give up hope and try again! Good luck to you. I know with your good attitude, you will make it :) Best wishes

If I can do it, you can do it! I wish you all the luck!

I got the bad popup just minutes after the test and I am in Cali. I am now trying to re-energize to prepare a study schedule so I can retake in the next 45 days. Very few here report about the bad popup. Hope my testimony helps! For now I am awaiting my letter of fail from CA BRN.

Stay positive. ..you will pass. So will I:)

Thank you, I am trying. I have been depressed these last 18 hours, but I will pick up the pieces and test again, I just have to strategize into a better study plan. Problem is I don't have finances to afford a review course. There are lots of free material out there, I have the kaplan trainers, I will start those over and I have saunders book. I like NCLEX 3500, but it shuts off sometimes without providing a score, so it's like a waste of time when there is a gliche in the system. What I do is try to take a review so that results and rationales are available before the questions potentially cut off. Good luck to you all for retaking.

Am using nclex 3500 as well also ncsbn review for $70...they have the 3wk for $50. Am using saunders flashcards and their review book. The flashcards are awesome for on the go. Cant afford anymore cash.

Hey! Don't give up! Just keep reviewing! WE will get there! I'm currently studying and challenging NCLEX RN for the THIRD time! yes.... THIRD attempt. Taking it on May . I'm using HURST, Saunders 6th edition ebook, 35 pages floating around here, NCLEX 3500 AND 400O and PDA La Charity. If you know how to use torrent you can just download all of it... Except Hurst..