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University of Toledo Graduate Entry CNL program


I recently applied to the University of Toledo Graduate Entry nursing program for those individuals with a non-nursing bachelor's degree to obtain their RN after successful completion of the NCLEX exam while also obtaining a MSN and a Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) certification. I am patiently awaiting a decision and my anxiety is setting in so I was wondering if there is anyone out there that has applied to the same program or others? If so, have you heard anything? Are you willing to share credentials?


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Just to clarify, clinical nurse specialists (CNS) are nurses with an MSN and expertise in a specialty. CNL are generalists, not specialists.

Thank you for the clarification but I knew that, they didnt have the appropriate category to choose from when I created the post so I had to pick something similar.

Thank you, im new to the site. Is there a way to change the category so the appropriate people can respond?

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There you go - I moved it. Good luck with your educational choices.

I applied to this program. Anyone find out yet?

I haven't heard anything yet. Did you apply this year?

I know I am so anxious!! That is why I made this post, hoping to meet other individuals that share my anxiety. I was told there were were close to 70 applicants. Which isn't bad odds. Do you mind sharing gpa or gre scores? If thats to personal I understand. How do you think you did on essay?

The fact that you and I are the only ones on the site makes me feel better :)

My prerequisite gpa is a 3.7 but my undergrad is just above a 3.0. I think I Got a 155 in verbal section and did poorly in math because I hadn't taken a math course since high school. Maybe a 135? Then I got a 4.0 in writing. I think I did okay on my essay. I have traveled a lot and done some pretty cool things since I graduated from undergrad in 2009. Hoping diverse experience will be a plus.

What about you?

Yes im hoping that is a good sign!

But my undergrad gpa is a 3.0 as well and my prerequisite gpa is a 4.0. I did horrible on my gre. I got a 145 verbal, 135 math, and 3 writing. I have 6 years experience in healthcare so im hoping that helps. I think I did pretty well on my essay and I even wrote a letter to admissions committee in a sort of last effort to sell myself I guess because Im a little worried about my gre scores. I know UT is really big on diversity so I think you will be fine there. You did really well on the writing portion of gre, but I could tell you are a talented writer after reading the article you posted on here. If accepted will you be commuting or do you live in Toledo area? Do you know about when we should hear something back?

I just spoke to ***** the graduate nursing advisor and he said it is going to be April 1st until decisions come back. There were like 63 aplicants. So I guess it is 50 percent chance.

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Oh well thats good to know at least, I wonder if they are going to do interviews this year.

Hello, I have also applied for this program for the fall 2014. Does anyone know when approximately we should expect to hear back? My online status is still reading "complete awaiting decision", so I assume the committee has not met yet.

Hello. I have applied to this program as well and still have not heard anything. Undergrad gpa was 3.4 147 on verbal gre and 152 on math and 4.0 on writing. Also have several years of healthcare exp so hoping that helps.

Has anyone heard if they have been accepted yet or still receiving awaiting status on application?