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This thread is for anyone taking Holistic health assessment on-line at UTA starting Jan 14th 2013. Hopefully we can get a good thread going in order to provide support for each other as we go. The... Read More

  1. by   ScarletFire
    Quote from middlesister
    I took vulnerable populations 2 semesters ago. It's not that bad. You look at the area you live in, or another area and assess what is going on in the zip code, or area you choose. I chose an area with low poverty and low crime. You drive around the area, make assessments of the population. I visited a woman's shelter, and interviewed the director. Really not that bad of a class. Get's you get out in the community.
    thanks for the info, middlesister.
  2. by   chicagoRNlove
    Quote from ScarletFire

    took holistic care last 5-week segment, along with 2 other classes. very easy class. no assessments at all. no book; lots of readings from articles they assign and videos; quizzes are a bit tricky but not bad. assignments are short with one paper but it is based on an interview you do with someone over 70, so you are basically putting the info you learned in the interview into APA paper form. DB's are easy, but you do have to reply to 2 other posts by a certain day.
    as i said, i took 3 classes all together and didn't have much time to devote to this one but it was never a problem. the worst that occurred to me was that weekly quizzes were due every Mon @ 0800, so after working Fri, Sat, and Sun, I had to come home that night, review the articles and take the quiz while being pretty tired. all in all, easy to get an A.

    Thank you so much! Honestly will be a big relief after 3425 is over. I don't remember the last time I felt so unmotivated in a class with so much work!

    Anyone heard anything about the final exam in 3425?? All I saw was the 120mins, and panic set in.
  3. by   ScarletFire
    120 minutes for the final? 2 hours? we have a 2 hour final to take? you have got to be kidding me. Oh my God, just shoot me now.
  4. by   TxMonci
    Quote from ScarletFire
    120 minutes for the final? 2 hours? we have a 2 hour final to take? you have got to be kidding me. Oh my God, just shoot me now.
    LMBO yup its cumulative......
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  5. by   TxMonci
    Quote from chicagoRNlove
    OH MY GOD THIS CLASS IS KILLING ME!!!! Suicidal ideation since the first week.
    And just when you finish on assignment, you have to start on another already...you gotta be kidding me. Diggin deep....
    I feel ya, and I have the AC from hell!! So it makes it 100 times worse
  6. by   TxMonci
    Quote from middlesister
    I'm taking research next. Has anyone attempted that class?
    I will be in research too and also heard your group makes or breaks you.....i dread this class
  7. by   TxMonci
    What about Legacy of the Family? I will be taking that also....any words of wisdom? or idea of how it goes?
  8. by   Neonursej
    Quote from ScarletFire
    Hi Rosemary,

    Yeah, quiz 4 was tricky. I did the genogram and ecomap a few days ago when I had time, bec i have to work all weekend, too, starting tomorrow. used MS Word and they turned out fine. if you are going to use that also, i recommend drawing the genogram out on a piece of paper first before you start the computer stuff. also, don't draw the squares and circles too big bec you will not have enough space to fit it all in.

    Where do we get the information to put into the ecomap? I figured the genomap out, just not the ecomap. I too have to work all weekend, night shift!
  9. by   rosemrn
    I googled ecomap. I just put my client/patient in a large circle in the middle, then around it I put other circles for things like activities, i.e. golf or sports, friends, community, church. Then put a line or double lines, etc. if there is a strong connection, bad connection, etc. I was able to use smart draw for my ecomap. I am sure it is not as thorough as others, but this is my first time.

    Hey thanks ScarletFire for supposrt.

    One more week!!!!!!!!
  10. by   ScarletFire
    Page 796 in the book is the example I used. I put things like work, friends, recreation, family, etc in the circles and used things in the legend, such as strong, moderate, or slight attachment and the one-way and two-way relationship arrows. They also want a family attachment included, which is shown on page 795; so that's all it is.
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  11. by   rosemrn
    Anyone know what days of the week assignments are do in Vulnerable Populations? Trying to work on my schedule at work. Work tonight then back to assessment tomorrow. Lord have mercy. My client's answer to questions in subjective assignment week 5 are very limited, not much elaboration.
  12. by   chicagoRNlove
    genogram is kicking my ass...not cuz its hard, just cuz this software is useless and im sick of CIRCLES & SQUARES!
  13. by   rosemrn
    AMEN!! I ended up using Word for my genogram, but I could 't figure out Smartdraw. But then I did draw my ecomap through Smartdraw. My biggest problem is copying and pasting into a document. Clipboard is confusing to me. I bet a spent 2 hours yesterday just spinning my wheels trying to figure out how to copy and past my ecomap into our assignment. Haven't done much of this sort of thing before. I guess when I took computer classes for my first BS degree in business, 100 years ago, we were studying computure programming. This is all new to me. Struggling but got them done.