UTA-FNP Spring 2018

  1. Hello all! Do I have any fellow nursing friends who have applied for the MSN, FNP program at UTA - Spring 2018. I turned my application in the first part of September. I am very nervous! I am wondering what GPA they take and when do they notify candidates?
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  3. by   lcgivz12
    I am just about to be finished with the RN-BSN program at UT Arlington on Nov 10. I have applied to their online FNP program for Spring 2018. I have also applied to UT Tyler and Columbus State University. My graduating GPA is 3.84 so I feel it will be competitive enough. I have heard mixed reviews about UT Arlington but I had a great undergrad experience and the online format was easy to navigate, so I'm hoping that the next program will be pretty much the same. Have you applied anywhere else? I'm super excited.
  4. by   AlleycatLPN
    I have only applied to UT-Arlington. I am super excited. We will have to start a study group. I am in Katy. Where are you?
  5. by   deliserenee
    I got accepted to UTA for November 6 start date but applied to another school as well and torn between the two. I'm in Katy too!!!!
  6. by   lcgivz12
    I'm down south in the Rio Grande Valley. When did you hear back that you were accepted for November 6 start-date?
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  7. by   deliserenee
    I found out august 24 and applied the first week in august.
  8. by   AlleycatLPN
    So you found out about 10 weeks before! That is great! I just don't want to find out the week of. I am super nervous!
  9. by   deliserenee
    I hope they wouldn't tell you a week before. That leaves no prep time. Keep us updated!! I saw we hv a lot in common. I'm a school nurse and live in Katy too!!!
  10. by   AlleycatLPN
    This is so exciting! We definitely need to keep in touch! I hope to start in January! Are you going to try and work full time at school while going?
  11. by   deliserenee
    I plan to
  12. by   AlleycatLPN
    Me too!! I need to work as long as I can!
  13. by   ashme
    I applied to UTA as well as UT Health Science Center at Houston. My gpa wasn't anything stellar so I'm also curious what grades they accept. I completed my RN-BSN at UTA and found the program to be organized and delivered well online. Hopefully the FNP program will be the same!
  14. by   sky8
    I hope you don't mind me asking. I applied for Feb 26th start date. I was told you had to have two years recent hospital experience, I was just wondering if you were told that too since you said you are a school nurse.