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  1. UTA BSN Spring 2023

    Hey everyone! Haven't seen a forum for UTA BSN Spring '23 so decided to create one, not sure if this will reach anyone but feel free to ask questions, share stats and chat about finding out if we get accepted Time is getting closer and closer 🙂
  2. UTA RN-BSN Program Answers 2018

    Hello! I just graduated (May 2018) from University of Texas at Arlington's RN-BSN program. If anyone has any questions about the program, feel free to ask and comment below.
  3. UTA FNP Spring 2020

    I applied for the online FNP program at University of Texas Arlington starting Spring 2020 (Jan). I'm wondering if anyone else applied! Also, when do we find out if we got in?
  4. UTA BSN SPRING 2018

    Hi everyone, so i decided to go ahead and open up a forum for the 2018 spring start date. I know it might be early but hey everyone including me will have questions and become quite worried on getting in.
  5. UTA-FNP Spring 2018

    Hello all! Do I have any fellow nursing friends who have applied for the MSN, FNP program at UTA - Spring 2018. I turned my application in the first part of September. I am very nervous! I am wondering what GPA they take and when do they notify c...
  6. UTA Fall 2020 PMHNP

    Hi ! Starting a thread for the UTA Fall 2020 PMHNP program. I just received my acceptance letter.
  7. UTA AO BSN fall 2018

    Hey Y'all! I am applying for the Fall 2018 start at UT Arlington! I wanted to see who else was applying so we could help each other out/ know someone when the program starts! I would love to get to know y'all! JamieHope
  8. I need help! I'm graduating from the online RN to BSN program at UTA this summer. I had planned on just enrolling in the online BSN to MSN education program at UTA. I figured it would be easy since I'm already a student there and I'm familiar with th...
  9. UTA FNP online Spring 2018

    Hello everyone! Anyone starting UT Arlington's Spring 2018 FNP online program? If so, congrats! I'm located in the Rio Grande Valley, South Texas. Looking for a study group! I have a friend who just finished FNP school and told me to start reviewi...
  10. deza

    UTA Spring 2019 PMHNP

    Does anyone have any info on the program? I was told that they are making it longer the last time I spoke with an advisor. Also from a current student I heard that they had hired a pediatric NP to be director of the psych NP Program. I...
  11. UTA AO BSN Fall 2019

    Hi Guys. Any recommendations or tips appericated. I will apply to UTA ao bsn for fall of 2019, I should apply with a 3.0 regular gpa and either a 3.0 or 3.25 science gpa. I have 3 considerations: 30 or more hours, all science hours and am partnered w...
  12. Hi! I was just provisionally acccepted to the University of TX Arlington online RN to BSN program. I start May 22nd. I just wanted to touch base ahead of time with anyone currently in the program or that has taken it already. The old posts on the pro...

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