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  1. WGU- Pre Licensure Dallas

    Hello! Who is or finished the program, do you recommend it, do graduated students actually get hired after the program? Thanks
  2. WGU prelicensure Dallas

    Hello! Who is a good advisor/counselor to talk to in this school? I talked to one, send my transcripts and apparently they never got them, even though I received an email confirmation from my previous college. That makes me have second thoughts...
  3. TVCC FALL 2020

    Thanks for answering, how is the program going, is it doable? I appreciate some tips on how to study, what works for you? Thank you
  4. TVCC FALL 2020

    Hello! Who graduated or is in the ADN program, when they do the A & P and math tests, after orientation, does it means that you are still in the program or do they do it to withdraw you from the program based on you scores. Thank you.
  5. TVCC FALL 2020

    Does anybody know how tough the first semester is?
  6. TVCC FALL 2020 Hello. This is a link to save 20% in Picmonic. If you guys want to check it out.
  7. TVCC FALL 2020

    Hello! I was recommended Anatomy and Physiology, quick review from CliffNotes. Good luck!
  8. TVCC Fall 2021

    Hello! Are all days the same hours, no school/labs on Fridays ? Thanks.
  9. TVCC Fall 2021

    Hello! Does anybody knows what's the minimum points that someone can be accepted? Is the current program online? Thanks.
  10. TVCC FALL 2020

    Hello! For those who were accepted this Fall, do I have any hope with 38 points? How hard was hesiA2 test? Thank you, and good luck to yall".
  11. NCTC ADN Spring 2021

    Do you know if they accept SCIT 1407, 1408 instead of BIOL 2401, 2402, and do they expire? Anybody applying from Dallas area? Thanks.
  12. HESI through PVCC

    Hey! How hard was it, what were you studying tools? Does it take days to schedule it and take it? Do they let you know your score right after you finish? Thanks.
  13. TVCC FALL 2020

    Hi! Thanks a lot for your response. Has anybody been accepted with SCIT 1407 , 1408 instead of BIOL 2401, 2402 (Anatomy and Physiology), and do the sciences classes expire? Thanks. I want to make sure because my science are super old, and I do ...
  14. TVCC FALL 2020

    Hello! When taking the HESI test, do they count the Science score? In which areas were you tested on? I appreciate any answers. Thanks
  15. WGU Nursing 2018

    Hello! For those who finished or are about to finish the program, how tough is it, how are test done, do you recommend the program? THANKS