UTA FNP online Spring 2018

  1. Hello everyone!
    Anyone starting UT Arlington's Spring 2018 FNP online program? If so, congrats!

    I'm located in the Rio Grande Valley, South Texas. Looking for a study group! I have a friend who just finished FNP school and told me to start reviewing A&P. I found a great website for refresher and have bought a Clinical Guidelines that she also recommended.

    I'm so excited to start! Let me know if you are in and where you are from
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  3. by   NurseAngie40

    I'm starting in the spring too. I would love a study group! I'm in Central Texas. I know I need to brush up on A&P. Would you mind posting which website and book have been helpful for you? I finished my BSN this year but did my ADN over a decade ago and know I'm very rusty on some of the basics. Look forward to going through this journey with you.
  4. by   lcgivz12
    Hi, thanks for the reply! The website is khanacademy.org and under search, type out "human anatomy and physiology." There are several sections divided into organ systems with mini-lectures in each section and a few tests. Totally free! It's a great refresher! So far, the clinical guidelines book has not been super helpful. My plan is to finish reviewing a&p of all organ systems, and then start reviewing common disease pathophysiology in each organ system and treatment (to review pharm too). I also was advised to review common terms/vocabulary in research and EBP since we will be reading a lot of it. Hope this helps! Do you have your degree plan yet?
  5. by   NurseAngie40
    Thanks for the information. I received my degree plan yesterday and just enrolled for my first two classes. Looks like if I stay on plan I'd finish summer 2020
  6. by   mrsfreeze80RN
    Just received my degree plan and enrolled in the classes required for the Spring semester last night. Besides the orientation, theory is first for me also and then Advanced patho next.
  7. by   mrsfreeze80RN
    Also, I am from Fort Worth near Keller.
  8. by   lcgivz12
    Great! I haven't received my degree plan yet but I should be getting it any day now. You are lucky to be getting Patho out of the way quickly.

    Do you know what book for patho we will need to get? I want to order it already
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  9. by   mrsfreeze80RN
    Not sure. Haven't looked yet. Will soon though for all of our books.
  10. by   HeKtor
    Are you guys talking about UT Arlington? If so, I will start there this January too. Live in Dallas. Has anyone heard if maybe doing 2 class at a time is doable with a fulltime job? Thanks for the Help!
  11. by   lcgivz12
    Yes UT Arlington. I have heard that only 1 course can be taken at a time. Also, i haven't been able to sign up for orientation yet. Has anyone had success with it? Advisor said this past week I would be able to register for it, but I haven't been able to.
  12. by   HeKtor
    For the online orientation, I've registered for. Unless there is another in person orientation that you are referring too, but I'm not aware of. It's via MyMav and then onto blackboard. It didn't make much sense as to task to complete, I'll have to call on Monday and see what I'll have to do complete it.
  13. by   lcgivz12
    Yes, I am enrolled in it as well and module 2 is confusing
  14. by   Utafnp-student
    I am starting FNP in spring 2018 too.I am from dallas
    Area.is anyone from dallas area?This is my first time online course,kind a confuse with webcam and tripod
    Which one I need to buy.i went to Best Buy yesterday . Can anyone help me with that?