Question about RN to BSN and SAP issues

  1. SO im not sure if this is the correct area...

    Im finishing my BSN through UTA i have 7 of the nursing classes left... anyways today i received an email telling me that i am not longer eligible for gov fin aid because i dont meet the SAP qualification which i do. I double checked. The only thing i can think of is that the maximum time frame since i do have dipolmas from something like (pharmacy tech dipolma). I have no idea what to do i have to call the school tomorrow because they dont actually give me the information as to why i was denied. Wouldnt the ADN be different from BSN?
    there is no other reason at all.

    Has anyone had this issue also?? Any advice???
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    What is happening is that the rules regarding financial aid have changed. They are starting to include previous coursework as counting even if you didn't use student loans like my high school post-secondary options and AP classes count.

    A lot of schools are usually willing to fill out a waiver if you present them with a plan to graduate. A lot of nursing school students had to do the waiver at my ADN school and they didn't bat an eye for me. I would begin writing up a degree plan and possibly a letter explaining your history and your current degree plan.
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    Ooh okay.. Well hopefully it will be that easy! I'm almost done too. I think this whole deal is pretty crummy though.. I have to call them tomorrow. My boyfriend read the email and said it might be that I wasn't taking enough credits which wouldn't mAke sense I'm just going part time and always have at least 6 credits per sems ugh... So stressful. They just have an appeal form that were supposed to fill out... My graduation plan would be like the order of classes each sems I plan to take and my graduation date correct?
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    That's what my degree plan was. I would post in the UTA and see if other people have had success with their appeals. My one cousin was denied his financial aid appeal for a bachelors in arts. How easy it is depends on the school.
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    Thanks for the link but I've already read all the links I could find on this. Really needed to hear others experiences and if I even have a chance to get approved.
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    I also received a SAP notice, I was so upset I couldn't sleep. I called the school bright and early last Friday in tears. I was told that two of my professors did not post grades in a timely manner. My tears turned to anger!! I asked why are students being penalized for a professors inadequacies. Her response was........silence. So don't worry you are not alone, I am going to write a letter to the Dean of Nursing as well as the financial aid department ,asking why this is allowed to happen. Don't worry just call and they will correct it, but it's a senseless glitch that they are aware of. They should be sending the professors letters, telling them they are not getting paid if they do not post grades in a timely manner.
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    Yeah, so I found out they did the same thing to me. So now I have to call again Tuesday to tell them my grade is posted. But yeah its so ******. You'd think they wouldn't so that till grades are in... lame