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  1. Hello Everyone,
    Is there anyone starting Capstone at UTA 02/29/2016? I've been looking over all the modules in the class seems like a lot! Also directions are very vague. How was the grading in this class?
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  3. by   roser13
    What is UTA? And how would we know its grading scale?

    Seems to me that you should be asking your questions of the source.
  4. by   TheCommuter
    Welcome! Your thread has been moved to our University of Texas Arlington forum where it will be more likely to be viewed by current and former UTA students who might know something about the capstone. Good luck to you.
  5. by   arvolina
    I agree. I started 2/29 also. I am very lost regarding what is supposed to be the subject of the diary.
  6. by   Danilu14
    I start my capstone at UTA in April, I was under the impression that there wouldn't be much coursework involved, I thought the main focus was actually just following your nurse preceptor around and finally getting to use some of our nursing skills. We haven't been told much about how the class works or what to expect, I was surprised to see a capstone exam on our exam schedule I'll be following this thread, I'm interested to know what's coming up in my near future. Good luck!
  7. by   baetzel88
    I have looked over everything I will keep you updated on how it is going. At this point with nothing graded or no clear instruction I do not know how it will go.
  8. by   Pledger55
    I have three classes left. Just took research. Im wondering what to expect from Capstone since it is 7 weeks long compared to 5 like all the other classes.
  9. by   CFLA.RN
    I took Capstone in the fall, it was really easy. It was a resume review and a few papers, two of the papers were essentially the same. Probably one of the easiest classes in the program.
  10. by   nurselindah
    Really? Oh gosh, I hope so! I have my plate full during Capstone. Were the papers based on some assignments, or your own project? ANY info you could give would greatly reduce my anxiety about starting this class!
  11. by   CFLA.RN
    I just looked through my old assignments, looks like there was a weekly journal with 3 key points from the module (took about 20 minutes to do once a week) which led to a synthesis paper at the end of the course. There was a capstone PowerPoint project (based on whatever topic you want - I did one on caregiver burnout) that you present to co-workers which also requires creation of evaluation documents (like the survey/test taken after a CEU) and then ties into a capstone project summary paper that wasn't very difficult. Also had a paper about our future goals which is very similar to the synthesis paper and is basically a revision of the personal philosophy of nursing paper we did in the professional nursing course. It seems like a lot but I really only spent 1-2 hours a week doing it, except for the research for the capstone project.
  12. by   K1203
    Hello! Can I ask how your Capstone placement was decided? Did you get to make a preference?
  13. by   nurselindah
    You cannot enroll in Capstone until the 2nd (or 3rd) week of you last class before it. One cleared, you can pick which ever class fits your schedule, as long as it is the right one.
  14. by   hawaiin_ginger
    Can you give me some insight on the research course? I have that class, capstone and math left. Is there a 35 page paper due in that class? How many papers do you have to right and what is the minimum length allowed. Thank You in advance. Have you taken Capstone yet? If so, can you also give me some insight.