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Danilu14 specializes in Critical Care.

I am an RN working in the ICU in a level one trauma center. I got my BSN from the University of Texas at Arlington. I still have so much to learn but I'm learning from the best team I could have ever asked for. I enjoy my work and I love the career I have chosen.

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  1. Danilu14

    Research Nursing

    Sorry I haven't been on AN in a while (Pedi and Critical care are keeping me busy!) As #proudtobeanurse suggested work ahead if possible, I always work ahead as much as I can in my down time to get things out of the way if the instructor will allow it. One thing I am loving about pedi right now is that she opened up all of the assignments and I have already completed all of the quizzes and VSIM modules and weekly development assignments for the entire course (it's only 5 weeks long, we are currently in week 1) . I started them before the class opened because she gave us access on our "break" between semesters, and now I can focus on the reading and lectures and passing the exams because all of the busy work is done! For research, in my opinion the workload was heavier toward the end because of the paper and the presentation, but I worked on it a little bit at a time starting in week 2 once I had my topic, and it went smoothly.
  2. Danilu14

    Clinicals-UTA Nursing Online

    Your cohort will be split up into groups of 8-10 students and each group is assigned a clinical site, they try to place you at one of your top 3 choices, but they give special consideration to the partnered students who work at a hospital and there are limited spaces at each hospital. They will tell you at the beginning of each semester what your clinical days will be a few weeks before classes start. The clinical days will change each semester depending on the hospital's availability. As online students I feel like we get the days that nobody else wants, My first semester my cohort was in the hospital on Saturdays and Sundays for foundations. Second semester we just got Sundays in psych and then after we were done with our psych rotation we had Thursdays and Fridays for Med surg. For Pedi our clinical days are Tuesdays and Thursdays. Most of these are 10-12 hour days 6:30am-5pm or later depending on your instructor. You definitely have NO say in your clinical schedule. The school has to arrange and ask for clinical days with each hospital and they have to make sure that only one school is on the floor at a time, my clinical site is JPS and TCU, TCC and Weatherford College all use JPS, so each semester the schools have to work out an arrangement and divvy up the clinical days so that we are not all on top of each other. They also give us pretty short notice about our clinical schedule, we just found out our clinical days for fall a couple weeks ago and the semester starts next week. Most of us work and our employers make our schedule 2-3 months in advance so our bosses pretty much hate us, but you are not allowed to switch clinical sites, there are no alternate days. Nursing school is pretty much going to run your life for a while. I hope that info helps.
  3. Danilu14

    Research Nursing

    I took research over the summer at UTA and just finished a couple weeks ago. At first it seemed worse than it actually was, it was a heavy reading load and to be honest I gave up thouroughly reading and re-reading the chapters after week 2, I made sure to know the definitions and major concepts and read the articles and quizlets that she provided and I did fine. The biggest assignment was the research paper in APA format with title page, reference page and 4 resources, but she makes it pretty clear and easy to follow. If you use the example article and use the rubric, you'll be fine. Then you have to complete a visual aid to go with it, basically just copying some of the facts from your article over into a prezi or powerpoint, it didn't take long. Make sure to read all of the media articles that she posts and check out the quizlets that she provides because several of her quiz questions come directly from the articles and quizlets. Also if you have the same professor she gives a lot of hints and info for the quizzes in her OOH every week. It wasn't my favorite class, but it's not too bad, I'm glad it's over! Good luck!
  4. I would jump at a deal like that! I wish they offered something like that in my area... free BSN and a guaranteed job after graduation?!?! I'll be graduating with about $20k in student loans and I'm still 9 months away from graduation, but I'm already stressing about finding a job as soon as I graduate. Sounds like an amazing opportunity, please don't throw it away.
  5. I'm currently a junior in an AP BSN program, in the fall I will be a Senior and will be graduating in the Spring. The program is online and year round so I don't get the summer off, but my assignments and coursework and study time has been mostly easy to manage (not that it's easy, but I'm juggling it all pretty well and my grades are solid, so I think I could handle this). I have exams at my clinical site most Wednesdays and 12 hour clinical days every Thursday and Friday. I am currently ending my mental health rotation and will be starting med/surg next week. I am really interested in applying for an externship that has been offered at the hospital less than 2 miles from my house, I could really use some clinical experience and I would love to work there after graduation, so I also want to make some good connections. I didn't work in healthcare before nursing school so I have no prior experience or connections to help me find employment after graduation. I'm wondering if anyone out there in Allnursesland has successfully tried juggling an externship while in nursing school not on summer break but in the middle of the semester? I'm not sure how they work exactly, will they work with my schedule or is it more like a full-time job? Am I allowed to apply for a "summer externship" even though I'm not on summer break? I don't want to apply if I cannot commit to the program so I'd appreciate any insight or advice. Thanks!
  6. Danilu14

    UTA online AP BSN program- with a baby

    Congratulations! It will be hard but it is doable. The AP BSN program is awesome, I was able to work full time hours and keep up with my 2 kiddos (3 and 6 thank God they sleep through the night lol). My clinicals were also Saturday-Sunday for J1 semester and during the week I downloaded the podcast lectures on my iphone and listened to them while I did stuff around the house or worked out. They open up all of the assignments for that week at the beginning of the week (except for some quizzes) So you can finish as many as you can when you get free time. When I had some down time I would finish as many as I could and work ahead whenever possible so that nothing snuck up on me and I wasn't as overwhelmed if I did get busy later in the week. Definitely take care of yourself and get as much rest as possible with a new baby. Can't stress enough to organized, get a planner and check off assignments as you go and you'll have plenty of doctor's appointments for you and baby in the first months so make sure you keep a calendar, I would be lost without my planner to keep up with my work shifts, dr appointments, social engagements, test days, clinical days and everything else. Good luck, you can do this!
  7. I know this was a while back, but I did end up getting Accepted into UTA AP BSN program at the 11th hour, it was about 2 weeks before the semester started and I was all set to go to Baylor in Dallas which would have been over an hour commute for me each way for the duration of the 2 year program. UTA's program is 15 months classes are online, clinicals and exams are at the hospital. I am able to work PRN and keep up with school, and I have much more time with my two small children. the cost is SO much better than Baylor (I was borrowing $22K for my FIRST semester after financial aid and a scholarship plus $1500 in books), I was able to get back my deposit, return my books and scrubs that I had purchased for Baylor thank goodnes. UTA is about $5000 per semester, but I get financial aid so I'm borrowing about $3500 per semester and they are subsidized loans and I'm paying whatever I can as I go along so I'll be in significantly less debt than I otherwise would have been. UTA's program is excellent, I'm in my second semester. I have an awesome clinical group and all of the instructors so far have been amazing. Just following up in case anyone was curious :) I'm so happy with the way things turned out! I'm Not bashing Baylor it's a great school, this was just a much better option for me.
  8. Danilu14

    UTA Spring 2015

    I got the call and was accepted into the off campus AP BSN program, I'm so happy!! :)
  9. Danilu14

    UTA AP Spring 2015 Applicants AWAITING ACCEPTANCE

    I was waitlisted and got the call last week. I was accepted in to the AP BSN off campus program as well. I felt so overwhelmed with all of the info I got in one day, and the long list of things to do, but I'm mostly done now, and I'm just excited to start. Congrats to everyone, I can't wait to get started!!
  10. Danilu14

    Reflections of your first semester?

    thanks for this! I have 2 small children and I was already feeling guilty about abandoning them, and not being around. I hope I can balance as well as you did!
  11. Danilu14

    e-books or textbooks?

    Thanks for the input! I think I am going to purchase the e-book package and if I decide I want physical copies of any of my books I will buy or rent them as I go, hopefully I can figure out how to use them!
  12. Danilu14

    e-books or textbooks?

    I got my book list today, and we have the option of ordering all e-books for about $600 less than the textbook package, I figure it's a win-win, I can still "highlight" and bookmark and search and all that so it sounds better in my opinion, I have a tablet that I was planning on using for school and I won't have to carry around text books and I'll save some cash, of course I can't sell them back, but I will be using these books for the entire program and beyond so that's fine with me... does anyone have any experience with the e-books? anything I should consider before I buy them?
  13. Danilu14

    managing Hypoglycemia during clinicals?

    Thanks everyone! I guess I heard too many "horror stories" you really put my mind at ease
  14. Danilu14

    saw my tuition estimations...

    I know right!? I took my pre reqs at a community college to save $$, fortunately I was able to qualify for pell grants that covered most of my expenses, I borrowed about $4k for my prerequisites over the course of 3 years that it took me to complete them, so I'm starting off with minimal debt and hoping not to accrue too much more.
  15. Hi! I'm starting my nursing program in Spring 2015 and I'm worried about getting into trouble with my blood sugar during clinicals. I've heard stores of not being able to use the restroom or eat anything during the clinical shift, and I'm worried that my blood sugar will be an issue. I manage it pretty well but I've never NOT been able to access juice or a snack in an emergency situation when I start feeling clammy and stammering... Has anyone dealt with blood sugar issues during nursing school/clinicals? Will it be a huge problem if I have to get some juice or keep a protien bar on me?
  16. You ladies are an inspiration, I have a 3 and 6 year old and work PRN averaging 24-36 hrs/ week. I'll be starting my BSN program in a few weeks and I know that there are a lot of people in similar situations. At least now I know it's possible!