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Does anyone have feedback on the condensed Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner program at University of South Alabama? I'm thinking of applying for the Fall 2015 program. Thanks!

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I have no feedback, except I too applied to the PMHNP program at Univ of So Alabama, for Fall of 2015.

I'm wondering if anyone else who applied has heard yet about their application status.

I also applied to EKU's program, and got accepted, but I have heard nothing from Univ of So Alabama yet, and I met the April 1 deadline. The UofSA program is my first choice, because of the timeline.

The Nursing CAS application process has been less than comforting- I logged into check and somewhere on the site it says they haven't received one of my transcripts (!?!?!?) I sent another via the old school and paid $40 for rush service. But I have to say...that I am only learning of this problem at this late date is crazy-making. I've emailed the school twice over the last 2.5 mos.

To their credit, they do reply and explain the decisions are taking longer than planned. I take solace in their not just sending me a "Declined" letter to shut me up ;)

But I'm anxious to know so I can make plans...

Good luck to you, and share your experience, if you will!


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I am a student at USA. I would not recommend it.


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Hi Peacock,

I am also interested in USA, but their FNP track, could you elaborate to why you wouldn't recommend them?

Thanks in advance,

Nurse Turbo

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I think Peacock is stating that taking the condensed schedule is not a good idea.


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No, actually I am referring to the regular schedule.

You can send me a private message for details.


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I'm sorry but I am not able to PM you... I am applying to USA, but the FNP track. I would appreciate any details or advice you can give me.



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Any one else have any more info on this program/school? I am interested in applying for the PMHNP post masters certification program.

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was wondering if you ever applied and if so, your thoughts? Looking into this program for fall 16. Thanks


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There is a PMHNP in our area that successfully completed the program and found gainful employment. So, it must be legit. all I know..... Good luck!


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Hey. What's the cost per credit hour?

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Hey. What's the cost per credit hour?

Graduate courses taken online are $547 per credit hour. If you took in-person graduate courses at the school of nursing, it would be $938/credit hour at the out-of-state rate.

Here's the link: Tuition and Fees