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  1. efthimia519

    Regis College MSN PMHNP

    Congrats, and good luck to you! First class down, so far so good.
  2. efthimia519

    Regis College MSN PMHNP

    Looking to connect with anybody starting this semester ( spring 2018) I start my first 2 courses tomorrow. On Campus program not online
  3. efthimia519

    Regis College MSN PMHNP

    Starting tomorrow, looking to see if anyone is starting this spring 2018 semester?
  4. efthimia519

    Any Graduates From Regis College NP Program

    vitiana, did you apply for fall 2017? kianasimone did you ever end up applying and if so are you attending?
  5. efthimia519

    MCPHS PMHNP or FNP summer 2017

    Looking to start a thread for anybody starting either the PMHNP or FNP program this summer.
  6. efthimia519

    MCPHS (FNP) May 2016

    Thanks for taking the time to reply, there are at least 2 people who have posted withing this long thread that they applied to the PMHNP program and were admitted, was hoping that one of them might respond,
  7. efthimia519

    MCPHS (FNP) May 2016

    Just applied to the PMHNP program for Summer 17 start. Was wondering how those who started last summer are doing? Anybody else applying for this summer?
  8. Hi there, Wondering if you decided to do this program? I am looking at it now as well.
  9. efthimia519

    LPN to RN schools

    Hi there, Northern Essex CC and Lawrence Memorial Hospital/Regis College both have evening weekend programs, I think Bunker Hill may as well,
  10. efthimia519

    Has anyone switched from psych nursing to OR?

    wondering how you made out? Did you make the switch? If so , did you find it hard to land the OR job? I have been a nurse for 17 years and almost all of it has been psych, inpatient and outpatient community mental health. I have done lots of medical / psych. I have applied for over 50 positions in the OR at every hospital within a 45 minute ride . I have great references, graduated with high honors when I returned to school to complete RN t o BSN program and nothing, not even one interview. I have been trying for over 2 years. I just recently found a program at a local university which I would enroll and and take 2 periop nursing courses, over the course of one semester I would attend class one night a week for and have 6 hours of lab for 3 weeks , followed by 240 hours of a precepted clinical placement in a local operating room. The program sounds fantastic and most graduates are offered jobs with the hospital they do their clinical placement. The one downfall..... the price, 6 credits , over $1000 a credit and the program is not eligible for any financial aid. That is a big chuck of change. Looking for thoughts, advice etc. I am really excited about the program and will gladly break out the credit card if I can be certain I will be employable when I finish program
  11. Hello I was wondering if anybody has taken this program and if so would be willing to comment. I have heard it is a good program. It is however very expensive and there is no financial aid /student loan options.
  12. efthimia519

    Perioperative program

    was wondering if you ever ended up taking this program? if so, was it what you had expected and hoped for?
  13. efthimia519

    Rivier University

    Hi there, yes sorry about that advanced pathophysiology , there is no longer an advanced psychopharm, just advanced pharm which worries me because regular pharm is just that, regular pharm. I am guessing that they had integrated psychopharm into psych nursing courses. Not sure though. And the other course is Evidenced based practice in healthcare nsg 602, I believe this has replaced Nursing Theory nsg501. Do you have an adviser assigned to you?
  14. efthimia519

    Rivier University

    Yes I am , I believe that I am taking Advanced Physiology and Evidenced based care. I am giving this careful consideration and may opt for the 3 year as well. I do have to work and have other demands of home and family. I am happy to have found you and thank you for sharing your experience. There does not seem to be much info about this program on this site. Did you / are you doing clinical in MA or NH?
  15. efthimia519

    Rivier University

    nightnurse279 I love your yellow lab! I have a yellow and a black one anyway, I am glad to hear that you have been happy with the program. I am starting with 2 courses over the summer and officially start the program in the fall. I see that you are doing the 3 year option. I have signed up for 2. am already starting to rethink it. Do you work part time/full time? Look forward to hearing back, thanks