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efthimia519 ADN, BSN, MSN, RN

Psych & Community Public Health Nsg and Education
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efthimia519 has 21 years experience as a ADN, BSN, MSN, RN and specializes in Psych & Community Public Health Nsg and Education.

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  1. efthimia519

    Starting a volunteer parish health ministry

    The first step in conducting a needs assessment to see the needs and interests of your parish members. There is a Faith Community Nursing course that provides tons of info, some are online some are in person. I also recommend these books Hickman, J. (2011). Fast facts for the faith community nurse implementing fcn/parish nursing in a nutshell. Springer Patterson, D. (2003). The essentail parish nurse abcs for congregational health ministry. The Pilgrim Press. There are others as well Fast Facts has sample needs assessments as well as frameworks...
  2. efthimia519

    Looking for help to start a parish nurse program in my parish

    Hello ladies, have either of you taken the Faith Community Nursing Course? I too am Catholic and will hope to be implementing a parish nurse program at my church in the coming months.
  3. Looking to find out if programs are using simulation with their PSYCH course / content. If you are using it, do you use it as an adjunct, or as a replacement for traditional clinical. Also wondering what your traditional clinical for psych is....locked unit etc. Thank you.
  4. efthimia519

    DNP vs EdD

    TheSquire, are you apposed to non NPs pursuing a DNP? On a separate note, is anyone familiar with an EdD program that offers NFLP other than Coumbia's that was previously mentioned? The NFLP program is for nurses who are teaching full time or plan to teach full time but yet most educational programs that are offering NFLP are DNP programs rather than EdD programs. Thoughts?
  5. efthimia519

    DNP vs EdD

    Regis College has a DNP with a nursing education concentration. They offer this through both the online and the on campus programs. They are very well established and by no means a "diploma mill" They also have the NFLP program. Good luck with whatever you decide.
  6. efthimia519

    DNP - Nursing Education

    You do have to complete 1000 hours but you get credit for your MSN hours if you can verify them. I also received credit/ hours for board certification and participation in professional organizations, Sigma etc. I believe you get credit for ANA too.
  7. efthimia519

    DNP with Education Focus - Help!

    I agree, be honest. I used the DNP essentials and referenced many of them in my application. I also wrote about how earning a DNP would allow me to make contributions to the nursing profession and nursing education.
  8. efthimia519

    DNP - Nursing Education

    Regis is a good choice. Their online and on campus programs are well respected. They also have a good amount of money for NFLP. I am starting in the fall on campus.
  9. efthimia519

    Regis College MSN PMHNP

    Congrats, and good luck to you! First class down, so far so good.
  10. efthimia519

    Regis College MSN PMHNP

    Looking to connect with anybody starting this semester ( spring 2018) I start my first 2 courses tomorrow. On Campus program not online
  11. efthimia519

    Regis College MSN PMHNP

    Starting tomorrow, looking to see if anyone is starting this spring 2018 semester?
  12. efthimia519

    Any Graduates From Regis College NP Program

    vitiana, did you apply for fall 2017? kianasimone did you ever end up applying and if so are you attending?
  13. efthimia519

    MCPHS PMHNP or FNP summer 2017

    Looking to start a thread for anybody starting either the PMHNP or FNP program this summer.
  14. efthimia519

    MCPHS (FNP) May 2016

    Thanks for taking the time to reply, there are at least 2 people who have posted withing this long thread that they applied to the PMHNP program and were admitted, was hoping that one of them might respond,
  15. efthimia519

    MCPHS (FNP) May 2016

    Just applied to the PMHNP program for Summer 17 start. Was wondering how those who started last summer are doing? Anybody else applying for this summer?
  16. Hi there, Wondering if you decided to do this program? I am looking at it now as well.

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