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How do you suggest we study? I'm only on the waitlist, but to be safe, I have been reviewing my anatomy diagrams.

Whoooops. Sorry. Just came back to this message board after a little hiatus. Know your physiology and anatomy. KNOW YOUR CARDIAC SYSTEM!! Your summer semester will be hectic and your psychiatric instructor will throw 200+ pages of lecture notes at you per class. I would recommend looking at the Anatomy / Physiology Coloring Book.

Buy your stethoscope, BP cuff, etc, now. Practice learning how to use the tools because you will have your skills tested in the first few weeks.

Medication calculations: I made a page of calculations that are useful to know (none are specific to pediatric, though).

Known Drug/Known Time = Desired Drug/X -- these are for questions "not to exceed..."

Want/Have * Vehicle = mg/mL

Want (solution)/Time (Minutes) * gtt = gtt/min -- drops/minute

mEq/Solution (total) * Given solution

units/Solution (total) * Given solution

Want/Time (hrs) = mL/hr -- rate/hr

Solution divided Time to Administer/60 (flip the reciprocal) = Solution * 60/Time to administer (INFUSION PUMP)

Diluent = Dose/Final Max Concentration

KVO = Microdrips, 24hrs

Intradermal: 25-26g, 3/8, 1/2 and 5/8

Subcutaneous: 23g, 25g, and 26g 3/8, 1/2, and 5/8

Intramuscular: 19-22g, 1, 1 1/2, and 2

2mL max for Deltoid

One question will state: "Each 1.5mL contains 250mg" out of 1g.

250*4=1g, 1.5/4=6mL

There's also a "Comprehensive NCLEX-RN Book, HESI" -- green color. I recommend getting it and studying it based on your curriculum. I mean. NOW. You will have multiple HESIs (Patho, Psych, Maternity, Peds, Fundamentals, etc.). The HESI tests at the end of each semester test your knowledge but most of all, they test your safety awareness. Know Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and the Nursing Process.

Hi - I just received an acceptance call from USF yesterday afternoon (around 2pm PST). The number came from a 415-422-xxxx number.

Good luck to everyone on the waitlist!

Hello. My Patho/Pharm. teacher name is Lemos. Do you think that the study guide book will be useful?

Hi Ruble2007... I recently went through USF's MSN-CNL program and had Dr. Lemos for many classes (Patho/pharm II, MedSurg I & II). She is awesome. Her class is tough, but passable. She did not have a study guide book when I had her, but I would definitely know her slides from front to back. Also, after each exam, go to her office hours and review the test with her. She sometimes will be lenient in giving a few points back ;) Hope this helps.

im on the waitlist and still haven't heard anything!!

Hi everyone! I just received my decision from the waitlist and did not get in. Congratulations to everyone who will be starting this Spring, I wish you the best in your studies and in your career! :)

tnps - I didn't get a call. My decision was made available online

Hey Everyone!

I was waitlisted and denied admittance, but have decided to reapply. I don't have time to retake courses, but managed to get a new letter of rec. Would anyone be willing to read my essay? I must have been pretty good to be waitlisted, so I am stuck on what to change. HELP IT IS DUE FEB 1st!!! Thanks:)

Would anyone who was in the Spring 2015 cohort be interested in selling their books? Please PM me!

Thank you!!

Greetings CURRENT USF CNL classmates, I was recently accepted into the Summer 2016 program. I know you are 1 or more semesters ahead of me, but I was wondering if anyone is looking for a potential room mate? I'm not sure what your individual living situation is but if you have a chance please hit me up. That would be a lot of help and maybe a big help to you too! Good luck in your next semester everyone. Cheers