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University of San Francisco MSN-CNL for non-nurses

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I will be applying to the MSN Clinical Nurse Leader for Non-nurses for Spring 2015. I did not see any other threads.....I am looking to hear from those who are familiar with this program and could offer some advise. Mainly, I love the sound of the program (bust it out in 2 years) and the city - and I think I have a good shot of getting accepted (BS in Nutrition w/ 3.85 GPA, worked for 3 years as RD and should have great references and all that jazz), went to the info session and I did ask "do the graduates feel that it was worth the money? Do they have trouble paying it off? Are they generally happy with the decision to spend $85,000 plus living expenses of SF?" The admission reps obviously had great things to say, and the pass rate on NCLEX is outstanding, but I want to hear from you guys!!! This is a huge decision as I am married, own a house and have animals (2 dogs which will have to come with me plus cats that will go somewhere....), I live in Red Bluff about 3 1/2 hrs north of SF. Any info would be so helpful! Thank you!


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I can't tell you anything about the program that you don't already know, but I am also applying to USF for this spring and I haven't seen any other threads on this site about it. I am actually reapplying since I was rejected last summer. I did some things to improve my resume and transcripts this time around, so I'm hoping that will help me. It is a high cost though, and I'm also applying to Sac State as a second bachelors student. That is a program that I could actually afford without loans so... we shall see. Good luck! I'm surprised I haven't seen anyone else talk about this application yet.

I am ready to hit submit, hopefully this weekend. Went to the past two information sessions. In love with this program already. It's close to home. Hoping for good news. Good luck everyone!

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Hiya. I go to USF and can answer some questions. =]

OP: You have an amazing shot of getting accepted. Actually, you probably/most likely will. The program is expensive. The NCLEX pass rates are high (97+). However, please please just realize that nursing is very impacted in San Francisco so do not expect to find a job right away.

Hey everyone! It's my first time using allnurses, but I sent it my application sometime in September! Hoping for the best for us all! :)

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Hi everyone! I'm currently in the program MSN-CNL on my second semester. I'm here to answer any questions you may have :).

One thing I can't answer is to see if you're qualified. The people in my cohort is diverse. We come from all walks of life, some have more experience in the healthcare field than others. I'm not sure, but from what I know they choose based on the applicant as a whole - they see if you have the qualities and character of a nurse.

As for the NCLEX pass rate, they actually start preparing the students for NCLEX on DAY 1! From day 1, they taught us how to think, feel, and act like a nurse - a Clinical Nurse Leader to be exact.

As for expenses, as expensive as the program is, I think it's totally worth it. The professors I've had so far are so nice and friendly and willing to help their students.

In terms of living expenses, I'll admit it's difficult to find an affordable place in SF. Some of my classmates actually commute to school via Bart (from where I don't know). Even though SF is expensive to live in, there are nearby cities (like Daly City) where the places are bigger and cheaper.

Hope this helps. If you have any more questions, let me know!

Hi @PinkRose34! I hope your second semester is going great so far! :) I've applied for Spring 2015 and I was wondering if you could shed some of your thoughts on going to work while in the program. Do you think the load would be too much?

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@coycoy 22, the second semester is pretty great in my opinion. As for your question, yes the load can get pretty heavy (especially during the summer semester), but working while in the program is doable. In fact, several of the people in my cohort work part-time or per diem right now, and they're able to keep up with the schoolwork. It's all about time management.


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Hello all! I was wondering when people had sent in their application? I sent mine in the beginning of October, but am now somewhat worried because I know they look at the applications as they receive them and you may have less of a chance if you send in right before the deadline.

@PinkRose34 I was wondering how you felt about the teachers in the CNL program-if they seemed qualified and had a well-planned course throughout the semester that offered relevant information that you could use in the field? Also, how do the rotations work? I heard that you start a shadowing-type rotation the first semester? And do you have any say into where you are placed?

Thanks for your time!

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Hi Ip228!

1. The teachers I've had so far are qualified; they've working in the field of nursing, some even have a DNP and/or CNL certification. Not only are they knowledgeable in their field, but they draw from experience. One of the things I admire about them is they teach us early in the program that nursing is not all (to put it loosely) "sunshine and rainbows." They teach that nurses will come across many obstacles while working. (Some even shared mistakes they themselves have made while working in the field).

The course material is well-planned throughout the semester that are relevant information we could use in the field. Some of the classes we take each semester is based on where we will be for clinicals. For instance, this semester we are in Labor and Delivery clinicals, so we are learning how the baby develops, changes that occur in mom, and complications that could occur to mom and baby during pregnancy and afterward. We also learned skills pertaining to Labor and Delivery and I was able to practice some of those skills during my clinical days.

2. For clinicals, as I've mentioned, each semester we're at a certain area of a hospital. 1st semester we were at a skilled nursing facility, second at Labor and Delivery, third and fourth at medical/surgical, etc. The class is divided into 4 groups that go to 4 different hospitals (for the first semester we were all at the same hospital). Clinicals are once a week. As for shadowing, from my experience, for the first semester I only shadowed or followed a nurse once. What my clinical instructor did for us is she assigned us a patient and we took care of that patient for the day. Right now I am following a nurse, and I also get to also help them with taking care of their patients. (This is where skills and theory come in.)

We do have a say of where we want to go for clinicals, but it has to be at one of the 4 facilities that's on the course schedule. Last semester, when the 4 facilities for this semester were announced, several of my classmates and I switched facilities easily for one reason or another (like facility 1 is closer to that person than the one they're currently assigned to).

Hope I've answered your questions. If you have any more, feel free to PM me

P.S. about the application: Don't worry about when you turned it in. What matters is you submitted it before the deadline. I have a couple people in my cohort who submitted their application close to the deadline :)

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Hello all! I'm also applying to the Spring 2015 cohort so I'm glad someone started this thread! Hopefully we can keep each other updated! Let the waiting games begin!

Hi everyone....this is my 3rd time applying to USF. First time I was wait listed then the second time i was denied. So i have done some extra stuff...improved my resume, my essay, and repeated a class or two and I am also taking Pharmecology and Pathophysiology (courses in the curriculum). I am really hoping to get in this time. I have also applied to 37 other schools nation wide. I am determined to get into nursing school in 2015 one way or another! I wish everyone the best of luck