University of San Diego MEPN FALL 2021

by Hagra Hagra Member

Hi everyone. Just starting a thread for those who are applying for USD's MEPN Program for Fall 2021. I just finished my undergrad in Allied Health. I have done my prereqs previously. For nursingCAS, are we required to take TEAS test? I do not know how will I start with my application. Anyone here had previously applied and reapplying again?

Hello! I will be applying this cycle as well, I'm so excited/nervous! USD does not require the TEAS and the application opens August 15 so maybe that's why it's giving you trouble. This will be my first time applying (and hopefully the last). I am very curious to know typical stats for those who have been admitted in the past, I've had a hard time finding more info online.

I am currently working on my application for this program as well!

Super excited for this cycle. Best of luck to everyone

Hi greennurse42! I just submitted my application earlier. January is when we find out if we are going to be interviewed. March is when we find out if we get accepted. Is my timeline right? Anyone here reapplying to the program? 

Yes I just recently graduated for my undergrad. How about you? Are you from San Diego area? 

Same here! Yes! Born and raised. I’m so nervous. My GPA is average but love the program

Did you attend the virtual information session last month? It was helpful to me. I wish we get accepted to the program. Btw have you submitted your application already? 

I did! 
And submitting on the 15! 
Everything is ready just want to make sure I review