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Hi everyone,

My name is Justine. I applied for U of R ABPNN for January of '19. I am still waiting for a response for an admissions decision but haven't heard anything back. Has anyone else applied and heard back from the program?

Hi, I applied and had a phone interview. I applied a month ago though.

What cycle did you apply for? And how were your stats if you don't mind me asking

Hi, I applied for Jan 19 cycle. I have two degrees, and my GPA is over 3.0. I do not have a high GPA. I am also applying for two other nursing schools.

BTW, I spoke to someone in the admissions office, and she said we will hear back in Sep. We just have to wait I guess.

I have applied and I have my interview on June 28th, it's an in-person interview.

In pervious cohorts more people have commented by this point...maybe there won't be as many people applying.

Yeah, I have noticed that too. Good luck on your interview :)


I also have an interview tomorrow (28th). So once that's done, it's just a waiting game. Good luck to everyone!

Had my interview this morning, I think that it went well. The interviewer was very nice and it was easy to talk with her. How did everyone else feel about their interview?

Same here! My interview was pretty casual, and the interviewer was not intimidating at all.

Hi guys! I had my interview over the phone yesterday and really loved what they had to say about the school. She was very friendly too. The best of luck to everyone in September! I would love to meet you all

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