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University of Rochester ABPNN May 2015


Hey everyone !

I applied for the May 2015 ABPNN program and already had my phone interview. I just wanted to post a thread for whoever else is applying for this cycle. If you'd like to share your statistics, information about Rochester, how your interview went feel free! Good luck to everyone!

Hello. I applied for the same start date, but I haven't received any calls. The site still says that my application is incomplete. I've talked with admissions and they basically told me to sit tight as the primary admissions woman has to wade through a bunch of mail and applications. It's unsettling really, but I'm still waiting, though I plan on contacting them again soon because I know all of my documents were sent in on time and they should have been received by now.

As for my stats I had a 3.3 GPA, but higher if only considering prereqs (chemistry was difficult for me). I was involved in a bunch of community service both on-campus and in the city during undergrad, and I've been working as a medical scribe for about a year

Hi IshEatsOats!

Your stats and service sound great!!

I sent them things of mine and they just failed to check the box that they received most of my things even though they did. You really have to try to call them again because they've been doing phone interviews for a while now.

Thanks for the advice Allylyn. I'll call them tomorrow morning to follow-up. I don't want to lose out on this opportunity for any reason

No problem! Good luck to you! & they most likely already have your things because when I called they said oh we do have everything of yours so lets set up at appointment for your phone interview.

Rochester is one of my top picks I hope to hear good news in January! :nailbiting:

That would definitely be the ideal situation, if I could schedule it when I call. It is my top pick. Not only is it a great school with a reputation, but I'm also local so the location is perfect!

I hope it all goes well for you! We could potentially be classmates, it's exciting

That would be awesome IshEatsOats! Can you tell me about the area and what there is to do around there or where the best apartments are close by?

Hey All,

I did the BSN interview a few weeks ago now i am waiting to talk to someone in the department im appying too. Have you heard anything else yet?

Hi Mammal! :)

You did the ABPNN phone interview? How did it go?

And no I haven't heard anything except that we should receive decisions in January. I'm anxiously waiting over here.

I think it will be this week. But we will see. I'm coming from California. How about you? What speciality are you applying for?

Just finished my masters portion interview. I think it went great. I'm doing acute care. The woman who interviewd me seemed really great. Fingers crossed.

Oh sorry. Allylyn I did not see that earlier post about the area. Well, I haven't spent too much time on the campus, but the location is pretty nice and it is in the process of expanding. The school is neighbor to Strong Hospital and there is a nice park with bike trails just across the street. The campus is about 15 minutes from a town called Henrietta which has a bunch of shops, a mall, restaurants, etc. The school has some on-campus options, but there nearby areas you can likely rent. In Henrietta there is a complex called the Rustic Village, as well as the Crittenden Apartments which may be affordable, but I'm not too sure of the prices. My favorite location, which other people have mentioned in some of the other posts is the Park Ave area. It's comfortable and the area is nice for eating or going for jogs. It's also a nice area for night life if you're up for it. It's about 10-15 minutes from campus. I would suggest keeping an eye out on Craigslist for possibilities as well