University of Maryland and UMDNJ interview wait.

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I applied to VCU, UMD and UMDNJ. I was offered an Interview with VCU that I attended already so I am waiting for a response from them. I have not heard anything from from U of MD or UMDNJ. So, my question for anyone out there is

Will these schools contact me regardless, whether I am denied or offered an interview?

If they offer an interview is it usually only after the deadline?

How do they contact you by email/mail?

If anyone has been offered an interview and /or been accepted what were your stats and the stats of others in you class?

I am so anxious about this process. Looking for so information to help ease the ride!

PS- If you have any input about VCU acceptance process then that is welcome too.


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I applied to UMDNJ and UM too, and like yourself the waiting game is killing me. I called both schools and no interviews are being conducted at the moment. In fact UMDNJ will NOT look at apps until next month and interviews will be in Jan. I got this information from the program advisor, so if you hear anyone saying they have an invitation to interview just know it is a LIE (as this has happened to me :uhoh3:).

Anyway, if you want to know the status of your application at UM look it up online, but most importantly call the schools and speak to someone. Unfortunately the wait is a given, so just hang in there and try not to talk about it too much. Good luck

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How was your VCU interview?

The Interview with VCU was more like a get to know you session. Typical Why CRNA, Why VCU, What have you done to get here? Are you on any committees at work? I had one clinical type question, based on my resume? A Critical care test, like the CCRN questions. It really was not bad just, except for the nervousness.

What does your university of maryland online status say? Mine just changed to committee ready and a freind of mine changed to committee ready for review...what does it mean?? Any different decisions????


If you check your email today, you might have good news. I have an interview offer for Uof Maryland. Thank heavens since It is my second year applying, last year I got flat out rejected, no interview, no nothing LOL. Hope to hear more good news from others.

congra girl....Have not received one yet? Has anyone received a letter yet?

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