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University of Florida Accelerated BSN Program Fall 2011


If you're applying to the University of Florida's Fall 2011 accelerated BSN program in Gainesville, this thread's for you! Applicants, current students, and alumni are all welcome to the discussion!

For starters, here is the program's website:




(I am not sure what the difference is, but in case they are on different servers I will post them both. This way you potentially have two servers to use in case one of them is temporarily down.)

Looking forward to meeting more of you on here!

I actually "appropriated" almost everything above from the previous years discussion board. I would at least like to give credit to the original author. The thread last year has been very helpful for me. It contained a lot of quality content and postings. It even included posts from members of the UF College of Nursing administration as well current, former, and prospective students. I hope that this thread will be just as helpful. I look forward to discussing various topics with all of you, such as the inevitable "what is your G.P.A and GRE score." I also hope that one day soon I will be able to meet with all of you face to face as newly admitted students for the Fall 2011 term. Good Luck!!!

In good faith I will say that my undergraduate GPA was very low, around a 2.0, but I earned a 3.5 GPA at FGCU for my MBA in Finance. It was a 4.0 until my final two semesters when I experienced an unfortunate series of losses of friends and loved ones. I have taken a few other courses at the undergraduate level since my bachelors degree and earned either an A or a rare B+. I am currently retaking all of my prerequisites because I took them, originally, over seven years ago. I earned a B+ in Nutrition last semester, and I expect close to straight A's this semester even though I am taking BSC 2085, BSC 2086, MCB 2010, DEP 2004, and STA 2023 all in the same semester. I am also working forty hours per week as a Financial Aid Officer at City College and teaching in the College of Business part time at the same institution. No, I would not recommend this to anyone else or to myself if I could do it over again. I took the GRE at the beginning of this month, but I was not pleased with my results. I scored a 1250, and I plan on retaking it in the beginning of December. I scored a 1380 on the SAT and a 690 on the GMAT. I was very tired, and I think I will do significantly better the next time. As I said before, I look forward to hearing from all of you regarding your backgrounds and any questions you might have.

Thank you for your post! I am currently working on application for this program and it is one of my top choices. My undergrad GPA is not impressive, 3.0 but I am retaking a few classes next semester and have also retaken one last semester. I am taking the GRE next month. Would you say there is a chance of acceptance with someone that has a 3.0 GPA?

Thank You!

Yay!!! Someone has finally replied to my post. Thank You. I am easily excited as you can probably tell. I will try to answer your question as best I can. To begin with, don't forget that they count your last 60 credit hours as opposed to your cumulative GPA. Assuming that you have taken this into account, I think that a 3.0 is still competitive depending on the rest of your application. I know that I have seen posts from people that were accepted with a 3.0. It obviously helps if you end up with a 1600 GRE, have been working for the last ten years as a respiratory therapist, and have all A's in your prerequisites, but this is certainly an exageration. As far as I can tell the average applicant has around a 3.2 GPA, 1150 GRE, and a 3.5 prerequisite GPA. So no, I don't think a 3.0 is going to keep you out as long as you do well in other areas. Wait...why am I helping you guys...aren't you the competition ;-) Anyways, it is past my bedtime...sad as that may be.

I'm glad I could be the first, and hopefully not the last!! It is great to hear words of encouragement, this is such an intimidating process. I did not know they look at the last 60 credits so that is definitely good information to know, thank you! Good luck with everything, and helping out the competition is a good thing (Sometimes! :-) ). Early bed time you have, Zzz

hello all.

i'm the coordinator for admissions and registration with the college of nursing and i wanted to let everyone know that if you have questions regarding the program please feel free to get in touch with me. here's my contact info:


i'm more than happy to help with any questions that you might have.

I am currently in UF's ABSN program. Even though they recently tweaked the curriculum, everything has been great so far and I would definitely recommend it.

A 1250 GRE score is good, I wouldn't bother to retake if I were you. From what I have heard from current faculty and students, it only matters that you break 1000.

Actually, the total score is not as important as the individual verbal and quantitative scores. While 1250 sounds great I would want to know what the split is since the individual scores are key.

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I am considering applying to UF's accelerated BSN program. I still need to take the GRE, and I am thinking about taking it in mid-December. I recently completed the HESI for FAU and the TEAS for UCF, so I figure I should take the GRE while I am still in test mode. My undergrad and pre-req GPA are both strong, but I am a little nervous about the GRE. I want to allow myself enough time before the application deadline in case I need to retake it.

Mid December isn't a bad time to take it since it would still allow you time to retake the exam, if needed, prior to the March 1st deadline. If you would like to contact me directly to discuss further please feel free.

Have any of you spoken to any recent UCF BSN grads about their job search? I would like to know how they are doing!

I just retook the GRE, and I was able to get my score up to a 1300.

740 Math

560 Verbal

I'm still nervous about my verbal score, but I can't really afford to take it again between the test fee and having to take a day off from work.

The main reason I am going back to school to be a nurse is so I can basically instantly get a decent paying job. I've heard some people talking about having trouble finding employment though. I guess I am worried that the struggling economy has resulted in too many people going to nursing school all at once, and that the industry can't handle the new supply of candidates. Can anyone offer an informed response?

dfinch - you gre scores look fine. if you would like to contact me directly we can certainly discuss the other elements of your application.

the influx of applicants to nursing programs, due in part to the economy, has not necessarily changed the number of students being admitted since nursing programs still face the same limitations in regards to clinical space and faculty shortage. i can’t speak for every program out there but i know our undergraduate programs have not seen a significant increase in admission numbers the past few years.

finding a job can be a little more difficult these days but don’t worry, there are still jobs out there. finding a job these days can occasionally be a little more difficult than it used to be since fewer people aren’t' retiring as early as they had planned or changing jobs as often as they used to. also, keep in mind that finding a job can be depend on the area an individual is living or plans to move to after graduation. in addition some students have a hard time finding a job because they are looking for a position in a very specific area where jobs have always been difficult to come by.

Thank you for your response. I recently spoke with a naval recruiter as well, and I am considering participating in one of their programs designed for nursing students. The program will allow me to be a full time student, and offers incentives such as signing bonuses, loan repayment, and monthly stipends while in school. One way or another I am confident I will find a career path I will enjoy as a nurse. I will contact you soon to submit and discuss my application.

David Finch

Hi David and other possible UF applicants. I just submitted my application and my fingers are crossed. My GPA is low from my first degree but my new prereqs are high. The looming question is that my GRE's are 8 years old. Has anyone ever heard of old GRE's being acceptable? I already have a MPH, but I jsut can't take the time to study for the GREs again.

Also: Do you know when we will hear the decision?

Gator Nation!

Hi NYCgal2010.

I believe you may have emailed me earlier todayregarding this matter.I am out of the office on business at the moment but you should recieve my response to that email very shortly.

If you have any other questions please let me know.

Hi All!! I submitted my application last week and I am now anxiously waiting. The deadline hasn't even passed yet and I am still very anxious for a decision:-( But, I am sure everyone else whom has applied is in the same boat as I am.

The information on the website implied that the College is looking for well-rounded individuals whom can meet the demands of the program. I am hopeful that this is truly what they are looking for. I have a Master's in Educational Leadership with a 4.0 and a Bachelor's in Social Work with a 3.8. My GRE scores were just over 1000. But, I am hoping that they will look at the Resume and Essay to also see what else I have been involved in.

I wish everyone luck during this process!! I know how important this decision is for all of us and I hope that we have a great class (and hopefully we will all be in it:-))!!

Hi ck32.

Why don't you plan to get in touch with me next week and I can check the status of your application.