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Hey everyone!

Just starting a thread to see who has applied and or gotten accepted into the University of Cincinnati's online FNP program for spring 2019?

Super excited I just received my acceptance letter today!

I've only read great things about this university. It would be great to see who I'm starting class with in January

- Jessica

I just submitted by application! Congrats on the acceptance. How long did it take you to hear back after you submitted on NursingCAS??

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That's awesome!

Nursing cas took 2-3 weeks before it was complete with them.

Then once I paid the second fee to the actual college it took exactly two weeks before I got the acceptance through email í ¾í´—

Oh that's not bad! I'm excited for you! I hope I get in. I submitted yesterday, so once I find out I will let you know. Have you heard very much about the online program?

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Fingers crossed for you! It seemed fairly quick once paperwork was in.

Everything I've read about it has been positive and I'm glad they have a spring start date!

I'm just waiting for advisor to contact me with next steps now that I'm admitted

Thank you! Yeah, I'm glad they do too!

I submitted my application as well, about a week ago! Anxious to find out if I get in or not!!!

Update. I received my acceptance letter today!!

Congrats! I'm waiting for my last set of transcripts to arrive!

I applied for Adult-Gero Primary Care Nurse Practitioner and got my acceptance letter today. Very quick just took 2 weeks. It is great university.

Specializes in ICU, CCRN.

That's so awesome! Congrats!

Tblagg11 did you also apply for FNP?

I think the first year all NP's take a lot of the same core courses.

I'm still waiting to hear from an advisor what the next step is. Anyone here from one since acceptance?

Just applied for Adult-Gero Primary Care Nurse Practitioner. Paid 300.00 initial fees. Waiting for further instructions when it is closer to start.

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