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:o I am really upset at the minute, and allthough I am not fed up with my nursing course , I am fed up with uni. Mostly because of the accomadation. We have no hot water, I am having to boil a kettle and have a strip wash, which isn't something to look foward to after a 14 hour shift:o And today I have had to wash my uniform like this as well, and my uniform is white, so it is a pain to wash when we have hot water, and a working washing machine. Also my window is still cracked (badly) but rather than mending it the uni, have put silicone gel over the cracks which stops most of the draft, but not all.

In fact I hate the house I live in, I am paying just over two thousand pounds per year to live here, and the university is supposed to mend things like that!!!! We have four lightbulbs that aren't working, not incluiding the one in my room, and as they have not come out to change them I have gone against the housing rules and bought a lightbulb and changed it myself, which means that if it causes a fire, I will have to pay for all the damages:( But I refuse to sit in the dark, it was bad enough to fall downstairs becasue the light in the hall blew.

I now feel quite guilty for writing this but I had to tell someone, it wasn't getting to me, till my mum was ill, and I went home to help, and i realised just how bad I am living up here at University, At home I could have a shower, and cooking was actually a pleasure rather than a health hazard, (the gas cooker has to be lit with a piece of paper) I have over two weeks to go before Christmas Break, and at the minute I don't know if I'll want to come back up here afterwards.

I love my course and really want to be a nurse, but I couldn't realisticly comute from my home to uni every day, as it takes too long. :(And now for the best bit, I can not get in touch with the uni accomadation off ice to complain about the house, because the only time it is open, for phone calls, or drop-in, is when I am on the ward:(:o :o They have obviously tried realy hard to accomadate Nursing students:o


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Write a letter and send copies to all of the "upper echelon" and keep a copy for yourself. State everything that is wrong with you housing. I'm not familiar with the laws over there, but it seems to work here. Get your room mates involved and their families also. Have the families write the uni also and complain. That should get someone moving!!!


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Hi Whisper,

Welcome to the real world.

Did you not check out the state of the Uni accommodation before you moved there?

You are in an area where housing is dirt cheap compared to most places in the UK.Why don't you get together with some others and rent your own place, as most of us do? That way you can live with your friends on the same course,help each other out,share books,save money!! Have launderettes not been invented yet in Outer Yorkshire? I am 1st year at Coventry Uni and had to move here with my hubby and 12 year old. We are struggling, but made new friends, got a good lease,love the hospital,coping with the course.

It is not all easy. You sound lonely.Try to make new friends.It gets better! Keep checking those notice boards for roomates wanted,and put up your own ad.

How do you find the course? Ours seems to be run by sociologists. The academics at the Uni are totally out of touch,we are wasting a lot of time on subjects nothing to do with nursing.On placement there is no plan or structured learning.You have to constantly badger every RN to let you work with them,or you will spend all your time washing and feeding geriatrics.

Hi Essarge,

Good points,only it does not work here. The NHS (Government) pays nursing course fees, and most of us receive a monthly bursary (not enough!) The Colleges hold you by the b**** and do not like dissent.


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Thanks, I allready knew I was in the real world, But I didn't expect to pay for the privillage of sitting in the dark, today I cam home from my shift, we had had a crash, and the pt died. I was very upset and came back here, to find the house stone cold freezing, and without power. So I marched around to security and complained and they came around and sorted the power out.

I was expecting s***t accomadation at Uni, just not this bad, when I came to look around at the Uni, the other houses we saw were not this bad, I officialy have the worst house on the street, it is at the top of the list to be refurbished.!!!!!:(

And YES laundrettes have been invented in Yorkshire, but so has fog and ice, and I didn't want to break my leg or neck by walking to the laundry in this weather!!! Or pay £6 to wash two tops and two trousers!!!!!

And yes I probably am lonely, but that is because my friends and I are on different shift patterns so we hardly see each other, If I am on the late I come in and they are in bed, or Vice versa.

Plus I can not get a private contract, I am tied into this one for at least the 1st academic year and then the private ones, that I can afford, are not long enough for the length of my term.

However I love my course, the tutors are mainly nurses and still work on wards so they are still in touch, and my mentor is great, I have learnt far more than other students on the same ward who have different mentors, but all the staff are great.

Even qualified staff on my ward feed and bathe the (elderly) patients, and I don't mind helping.

SOrry if you take this personally but I have had a really hard double where a patient died, and then I got to come back to this "fantastic house"


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Sorry whisper.

I hope things get better in your dorm for you.

that is not good at all.

At least you are good at focusing on your goals and can take your mind off of it for a little while.

Good luck with everything.

Bonnie Blue

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I'm sorry you're having such a hard time. It may not help you but you made me very grateful for what I have. I'm living on financial aid but I still have a decent place to live. Take care.


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Thankyou, to everyone, I really appreciate having someone reply to my rant, Yesterday was a really bad day. Today my shift was better, and I came back to the house in daylight so nothing seems as bad as yesterday.

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