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University of Alberta Nursing After Degree 2015

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Hi everyone!

I thought it would be beneficial to start up a thread for those who applied to the UofA After Degree program for 2015. I noticed that one hasn't been started yet.

I applied to the program but I am still waiting on a reply. Has anyone heard back from admissions as of yet?

All the best to everyone!!!

Thanks for starting a thread! I still haven't heard anything from admissions either. Has anyone heard yet?

Me too. I always check my beartrack everyday.Post a comment for updates guys.

Thanks for commenting! I gave admissions a call a few days ago and they said they're in backlog right now. Seems like things are piling up. I'm just going to pray and hope for the best!

Has anyone heard back from UAlberta Nursing yet? I still have Decision Pending in Beartracks. Please let us know when your status changes! Thanks

Congratulations! Can I ask what GPA you applied with?

I applied March 30th no word yet

I applied with a GPA slightly above 3.7. Best of luck with your application!

Hey everyone! I applied to U of A as well and haven't heard back yet with a 3.59 GPA. Will they give conditional acceptance to people that are working on the Medical Microbiology requirement? Also I am pretty disappointed for every other year they have accepted people with out this course and it just changed this year! I also have a Zoology degree from U of C and the Medical Microbio course is all review from all of my other courses combined :(

I visited the faculty front desk during my application. They did mention that they are not giving conditional acceptance to applicants without MMI this year. However, it might be better if you talk to the faculty about your degree and the MMI course that they require. Good luck with your application!

I'm in the after degree class of 2016. From my experiences, they are very unlikely to make many exceptions for the MMI credit - there were people in our class who had microbiology and immunology degrees that were still required to take the class.

Hi all. First, congrats to all who got accepted! And a question to eatyurmakeup. What is the total number of entrance (after degree) for last year (2014)? Do you know what the final GPA cutoff?

I applied in January but it took almost two months for my international degree to arrive and be updated and sent my ielts score in March and it was updated in April finally. . But still haven't heard back yet. sooooo worried. My GPA ia around 3.5. Is there any hope?

Last year the intake was around 150. The GPA cutoff was initially 3.5, but they lowered it to 3.2. I've heard its 3.5 again this year, no plans to lower it, but I need to emphasize that this is just what I've heard. The program staff will tell you if you call and ask, I found them really helpful during that nerve-wracking admission process! Please feel free to ask any other questions you may have about the program!

For those who got accepted,..

When did you guys apply with final transcripts?

So nerve wracking...

The application deadline was May 1st, so all applicants must have submitted the application before the application deadline. Some applicants might have submitted all the grades before then if they have all the requirements met and are confident with their AGPA. However, the document deadline is June 30th, meaning that there is still time for people to submit their grades, which also means that the admissions team is very likely to still be processing many of the applications. I believe the processing time varies for each application. But to obtain more accurate information, I would suggest that you talk to the faculty about your application.

I am sending in my transcripts on Tuesday! I am from Yukon though. Does anyone know what the ratio of albertans to non-albertans applicant acceptance is? That has been my biggest issue i am running into! I applied to Dalhousie in Nova Scotia but since I'm not a martini we they only take 10% non martimers is it that low in UVA? I have a 3.72 gpa

My application is just waiting for confirmation of the Med Micro pre-req course, which I just finished through Athabasca U. So when my final transcript gets send from AU, I should hear if accepted.

My application status was just updated, they are just now asking for my official transcript from Macewan (I did my degree at U of A but took more classes at Macewan). However I am still finishing Med Micro there, I was told by an advisor that the course would be graded on time for my transcript to make the document deadline but the woman in the transcript office said she doubts it will... Might be re-applying next year unless the U of A gives me a day or two extension on that course.