Universal frustration with getting others to do their jobs!


I've ranted about this before, and I'm doing it again. In my hospital, I believe the culture of ancillary departments is really screwed up. It's *their* time and *their* tasks and *their* processes that are more important than the patient. They also act as if the nurses are asking personal favors, when really we are just trying to get the patient the care he/she deserves.

These examples are from a single shift on two different patients.

Lab had to draw a timed troponin. I thought, "Ok, no more issues with timed draws. I'm going to be proactive and let them know when one is coming." I called at 0800 to let them know one was coming up at 1000. My patient left the floor at 1045 for a test, and I checked to see if it had been resulted yet while I was in the room. Nothing. I called and no answer after multiple rings at the lab. Checked again at 1145. Nothing. Called, and the lab said, "I went up there but the patient was gone." I asked what time. She said 1130. What galled me was she felt that was a valid excuse. 1130 when it should have been drawn at 1000? Are you kidding me?

Needless to say we have MAJOR issues with timed draws. Numerous nurses have made formal complaints, including me, and nothing is done. One nurse told me that the last time this timing issue came to a head, that the new policy was for nurses to make the timed draws, but it didn't last very long. Of course! Someone doesn't do their job, a nurse should do it!

The other example: a tube feed order put in. I put in the kangaroo pump equipment order, then called down to supply for it. At the same time, I called dietary for the bottle of feed. Both said it would be right up. An hour later, second call to supply and second call to dietary. Again, it will be right up. Supply delivered the pump an hour and 30 minutes after the initial call. Thirty minutes later, I made another call to dietary for the feed. It finally came up two hours and 15 minutes after the initial call.

Dietary is another department that has had multiple complaints from nurses without anything changing.

I'm just sooooo frustrated!!!

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My colleague will say I am going to call you every fifteen minutes until you come and fix this computer etc. on her second attempt to get something done.

Her third call is to nursing management.

No one messes with her.

She gets stuff done because she is not going to let anyone get away with not doing his or her job and ​they know it.

That phlebotomist should have been reported immediately to the supervisor in the lab.

If you dont receive the TF call the dietitian.

The equipment supervisor would be my next call for a kangaroo pump.

They need to be informed of these delays and fix their departments when you have these ongoing problems.

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That does sound frustrating, but it also sounds like a staffing issue ...no one answering the phones, timed labs being drawn an hour and a half late, reassigning tasks to other departments (nursing) when complaints about them not being done on time are made, etc.

Your anger may be misdirected and these other departments may be doing the best job they can with what little they have to work with.


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Sounds like a crappy management problem to me. Multiple complaints from several departments over a sustained period + no changes = managers who don't care.