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1Just wanted to start a thread for UNE's ABSN program starting in January 2018. Anyone planning to attend this program?!
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Hello there,

I was a graduate of UNE's ABSN class of 2015. I started the program on 12/2013 and finished it on 05/2015. My cohort is the last cohort using 17 months. Overall, I found that the program prepared me well to be an RN. All of my professors (some were not there anymore) were very supportive and cared about the success of students. The program integrates Kaplan into the curriculum, and I found it super helpful on NCLEX. All of my classmates who finished the program got job in the hospital within 3 months passing NCLEX (including myself). If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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Joseph, RN

How big was your cohort size?

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Our cohort started with 24 students. Two failed during 4th and 5th semester. We graduated with 22 + 1 from previous year.

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Is the program competitive? Do you know how many applications they receive? UNE is my top choice but I don't know if I'm a strong enough candidate?

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I have no idea whether the program is competitive or how many people apply each year.

Good luck.

Hi guys! I applied to the UNE 2018 ABSN on June 7th. Does anyone know when we should expect to hear back?? Thanks!

Hello Everyone,

My name is Ryan and I just received notice on 07/28/17 that I was accepted to UNE's ABSN program for the Spring of 2018. I have 21 days to submit my deposit and letter of intent. I would love to hear from other applicants who have also applied and are either waiting to hear back or have submitted their deposits and letter of intent.

Additionally, I will be moving from San Diego and will be looking to connect with other students for a housing accommodations. Please feel free to message me, especially if you are attending this cohort; I would love to meet you :)


Ryan H.

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AHHH so glad I found this page! My name is Haylie, I also got accepted to UNE's ABSN for Spring 2018 start :) I will be moving to Maine from San Luis Obispo, California so I'm trying to figure out the move right now, but I have officially decided to take the plunge and make the journey back East! Submitted my deposit and everything. I created a facebook group "University of New England Class of 2019" Log into Facebook | Facebook for those who have decided to officially do the program feel free to join! Looking forward to meeting people!

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I called and asked about cohort size and they said they accept 60 applicants. I received my acceptance letter on 6/26/17

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Hi Ryan my name is Haylie! It won't let me message you because I haven't posted enough "quality topics" I guess. But I'm also moving from California! I created a facebook group "University of New England Class of 2019" if you wanted to join that! I'm hoping more people can find it too since I don't know where to connect with the rest of our potential cohort at.

Hi Haylie!

I am so exited to meet you! I just read your post and started jumping for joy at the fact that another Southern (central) Californian has joined the journey!!! I would love to talk with you more very soon about the plans for the BIG move. Maybe we can talk on the phone or SKYPE. Okay ttys!

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