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  1. hhenders

    UNE ABSN 2018

    Hi angief11, they told me that it was about $70,000 total for tuition! Of course I'm sure there are other fees too so that's not the total cost but it took me like 2 weeks just to get that info from them.. I'm not sure what the actual total cost is though. Hope that helps a little bit at least!
  2. hhenders

    UNE ABSN 2018

    Hey! Congratulations! Ryan had the same problem with the page so I'm not sure what's wrong. Try this link maybe it'll work.. I also made the group open so maybe that will help. Log into Facebook | Facebook "University of New England ABSN Class of 2019" is the name of the page, there's only 3 of us so far! You can also just add me as a friend if you want! My name is Haylie Henderson!
  3. hhenders

    University of New England ABSN Spring 2018

    Thank you! I submitted my application mid/early June and the acceptance letter was dated for the end of June, the 26th I believe. The other guy I talked to that got accepted also found out at the end of July, and when I spoke to somebody on the phone from the university they told me they were sending acceptances out at the end of each month and still had a few rounds to go! Hope this helps! Good luck :)
  4. hhenders

    UNE ABSN 2018

    Hi Ryan my name is Haylie! It won't let me message you because I haven't posted enough "quality topics" I guess. But I'm also moving from California! I created a facebook group "University of New England Class of 2019" if you wanted to join that! I'm hoping more people can find it too since I don't know where to connect with the rest of our potential cohort at.
  5. hhenders

    UNE ABSN 2018

    I called and asked about cohort size and they said they accept 60 applicants. I received my acceptance letter on 6/26/17
  6. hhenders

    UNE ABSN 2018

    AHHH so glad I found this page! My name is Haylie, I also got accepted to UNE's ABSN for Spring 2018 start :) I will be moving to Maine from San Luis Obispo, California so I'm trying to figure out the move right now, but I have officially decided to take the plunge and make the journey back East! Submitted my deposit and everything. I created a facebook group "University of New England Class of 2019" Log into Facebook | Facebook for those who have decided to officially do the program feel free to join! Looking forward to meeting people!
  7. Hello! I was waiting to find a page about UNE's ABSN program that begins in Spring 2018, but as I was unlucky I figured I would just start one myself. I found out that I got accepted yesterday (yay!) and was hoping to meet others that have been accepted and/or are hoping to be accepted!
  8. hhenders

    University of Miami Accelerated BSN spring 2018

    Hi everyone! I also applied for Spring 2018 and just came across this thread! They just sent me my CaneLink today after sending the email that it was being reviewed by the committee on Monday. Hopefully we find out soon! Good luck to everyone :)