UNC grad school 2016 decision


[h=1]UNC Chapel Hill 2016 MSN adult/gerontology nurse practitioner program[/h]

Anyone applied to the graduate school program?


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Hi PeanutButtersRN, I have applied to the full time AGNP program for Fall of 2016. When are we supposed to know of UNC's decision for our applications? I can't find it anywhere on the website.

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JenRN in NC

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I went to one of the information sessions last year. They said they aim for mid April (tax day) for decisions, but last year it was after May 1. That makes them one of the latest notifications in NC. I have also applied to UNC AGPCNP, for part_time. Good luck to you all!


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I've applied to the FNP program at UNC..... I called them on the phone and they also told me that it would be either April or May when we find out decisions :/

Hey guys thanks for the reply! Sounds like we are all in he same boat! I just find comfort in communicating with Nurses in the same boat as myself!


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PMHNP MSN program here. Heard the same thing April-ish.


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I'm waiting to hear too. Problem is I've already received admission offers from two other top schools and they want deposits within 15-30 days. UNC is closest to where I am living now and as an in-state student would be the best choice financially and it is still among the top ranked schools but with my current lease ending in two months (and having already had to give two months notice to avoid an automatic lease renewal) and needing to move away from NC to go to school at either of the two institutions I have been accepted at, it makes the waiting very difficult. Where I will live and how much tuition will be (a difference of $35k+ overall) is riding on an admissions decision that may come in April (or even May!).


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I have also applied to UNC-CH for AGNP 2016. I applied last year and received my 1st notification on April 30th (I was wait listed.)


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That's crazy, redshirt09. Apparently you never came off the wait list last year? I appreciate how heavy the applicant pool is and the efforts of the admissions team devoted to making the decisions and hope we find out sooner in April than later. Good luck to everyone that applied.


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I applied to the AGPCNP with oncology option for the Fall 2016. I was told mid-April to May for decisions. I just contacted them today. I was asking because I've also been accepted to the AGACNP-oncology program at Duke. Financially, UNC makes more sense but the Duke deposit is due Friday. I can't wrap my head around giving up a definite (albeit much more expensive) over a possibility.